Abandoned Kittens Crying For Help, Hungry, Thirsty, Helpless

The little kitten was found by me one day , The kitten was very hungry , thirsty , helpless. The innocence on the kittens face made me do what i never thought i would ever do.

I gave him some milk, I cried when I saw that he couldn’t drink milk on his own, I had to use a syringe to pump him.

Looks like it hasn’t been taken care of by mom for quite some time.

It’s too young like babies who are always screaming for milk.

It looked very happy because it got a home. She started feeling my love and because of which i too got attached to him and then i decided to provide her with food shelter and everything.

I am a person who loves animals, especially cats, they are very cute And it’s sad because there are still so many kittens left on the streets, with no shelter, no food, and no love, I always try to help those cats as much as I can.

It’s so lonely and runs around like he wants to find his mother, he needs his family

The cat I help is too young to survive alone, it can die at any time if no one helps!

Try to help these poor cats once, they will bring you a lot of wonderful things Even ease the pain, because they are so cute.!

Currently, it has been adopted by a kind man, hopefully from here on it will have a better new life.

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