Abandoned Cat Undergoes An Amazing Recovery

At only four weeks old, this baby kitten was found abandoned on the side of the road in Istanbul, Turkey.

She was immediately taken to a vet where they discovered that one of her ears, her lips and most of her tongue had been eaten away by worms.


This was obviously a shocking sight for the workers at the vets and her appearance earned her the nickname “The Joker.”

But after time this changed and they began to call her  Gülümser, which in English translates to “Smiles”.


She was in a very bad way but it was obvious that she was a fighter and after a lot of love and care began her recovery.

Since then she has come a long way and as you can see, has made a lot of progress.


Who knows what might have happened if she had not have had the love and care from these special people and it shows how much difference love can make.

She is truly a beautiful creature, many not in appearance to some, but in her strength to survive that was helped by the people that cared for her.


A very sad story to start but in the end love conquers all and allowed this adorable kitty to lead a happy and normal life.

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