A Feral Cat Has Been attacked, See The Breathtaking Rescue By The Vet.!

The Cat was found on the street, he was attacked by other feral cats and was lying on the road. No one was helping then we went to him and took him to the vet. He was ill and was in a septic shock as been told by the vet. There were wounds everywhere in the body.

We try to save his leg.

Then a couple of months later, he got better but he finds out it was hard to trust people.

He tries to make friends with the other feral cat in his new home.

He lives in a patient and loving family! He got a bed, good food, and special care from his family. For that, he trusts people again.

Now look how much he’s changed.

We will try our best to always take care of him, and give him the best conditions to recover.

We tried our best and the cat recovered.

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