A Cute Cat Makes A Living By Giving His Dad Very Calm Massages

Nothing makes some cats happier than getting gentle petting. The feline in question, Pulgozo, appears to favor giving them.

This week, Gigi Lopez used TikTok to shаrе a calming clip of her cat treating her husband to a massage after a long day at work. The pet looks to be giving her husband a really pleasant back rub.

According to Lopez, “He has always been in love with giving’massages.

Here is a clip showing Pulgozo at work:


Judging from Lopez’s husband’s relieved expression, that sweet cat’s massage was more than welcome.

Pulgozo was rеscuеd by the family as a kitten, so his eagerness to show them affection may very well be a sign of gratitude. Either way, he’s certainly earning his keep.

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