A Cat Found Paralyzed Sick Tired, He Is Nearly Dying From Hunger

We are on the way to go home and saw this poor guy in a very bad case, we approach and want to pet him but seems like he was scared.

He was afraid of us and we try to calm him down.

The condition of the cat was very bad, so we had to take him to the vet immediately.

We have arrived and waiting for the examination

The vet does a physical examination to discover areas of response. But unlucky the response was very weak.

Then the vet checked the internal organs and does the X-ray, the result was the cat has a spinal fracture-dislocation.

That was so bad!

Also, we found a hole between the throat of the mouth, it’s very dangerous because the food and the water will fall into the hole. It may cause death.!

The vet decided to do urgent surgery to close his hole. Then the surgery was successful and the hole was closed. He is a little bit under the influence of an anesthetic but he gets well soon.

He woke up in good health.

We fed him food and he eats as if he has never eaten before.

We will try to take care of him as best we can to let him recover quickly.

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