A Cachectic And A Blind Cat Found Together In A Left Out Place

We found a cat on the street she is ill and has hurt her mouth. She is very much afraid as we went towards her.

Her mouth getting worse so we have to take her to the vet clinic to check it. Then another blind cat came to us, seem’s to be her sister!

We try to gain their trust to catch them, but they were very afraid and they didn’t let us touch them.

Then we grabbed a cage to take them to the clinic

While the vet do the exam for the blind cat, we found that we have to remove its eyes.

We do check the emaciated cat as well because her mouth is worst. Which hinders her from eating, she had to adhere to a treatment regimen so she can eat.

We name the blind cat Jasmine, and a cat with a mouth ulcer was named Lita.

We bring Jasmine to our house and she kind of friendly, while Jack is still in the vet for a few days

Jasmine got a meal before going for eye surgery!

And the surgery was successful, her eye are removed. After surgery, Jasmine eats with a good appetite, then Lita is still unable to eat well.

Lita now had a periodic medical examination in the clinic.

After 4 weeks Lita now gained weight and being skinny, and she can eat very well.

Jasmine and Lita no longer have to worry about their life because they have us!

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