9 Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat

As you may know, the human brain is better at the perception of negative info. Its glass is always half empty, which is how it works. Hence, in this article, we decided to experiment a bit, offering you cat-lifestyle-related things not with dos but don’ts.

So here are some anti-advice that you should never use. After all, the health & happiness of our cat is above everything.

P.S. If you still need to prepare to read our little article, we will give you a couple of minutes to do it. Please grab yourself something delicious to eat, wrap yourself in a blanket, take your furry friend on your lap, and let’s get started!

1 Don’t Be Too Obsessive With Your Cat

Even if sometimes you want to wrap your cute cat with attention from head to toe, this is a bad idea. You can still do this with dogs, but cats are entirely different.

Cats are very freedom-loving, and you should never forget this. So don’t play with your meow buddies too much, and (this is important!) wake them up abruptly when you get bored.

The fact is that cats have a very sensitive sleep. And to be healthy, your cat must sleep 16-20 hours daily. Therefore, when you purr boy sleeps, you need to respect this, because his health depends on a good & quality rest.

angry cat

2 Don’t Provide Him with a Variety of Food

A massive mistake that cat owners (especially young and inexperienced ones) often make is the monotonous food for a pet. First of all, it concerns dry food.

It is categorically impossible to feed a cat all the time with only one dish. In his diet, there should be enough microelements and “wet” food so that the cat can more easily digest what he eats.

3 Pour in His Bowl as Much Milk as Possible

Many people think cats love milk, and it’s perfect for them. And if the first fact can still be true, we have bad news for you regarding the latter.

A lot of cats suffer from lactose intolerance. Therefore, the best drink you can offer him (and yourself, too) is water. You should consult a veterinarian if you are tempted to pour a little milk on the cat pampering his chunky tummy.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not spoil your purring friend with milk, ice cream, and butter. Keep a diary for cartoon cats only.

surprised cat

4 Ignore Your Friend’s Hairballs All Over the Floor

You may have noticed that cats (especially those with lush fur) can leave not-very-beautiful hairballs on your carpet. To avoid this “beauty,” or at least minimize it, you must create a special routine for your cat.

For example, we advise you to brush your cute furry friend. If this does not help, you can buy him a special lotion from wool balls. But it is best not to self-medicate and immediately contact the veterinarian with this problem.

5 Not Even Think of Being a Frequent Guest of Vets

Admit it, how many of you are afraid to go to the doctor (especially the dentist)? Probably a lot. And this is entirely normal because sometimes it is scary that you can be sick with something or that you will be hurt. But still, you need to be checked by doctors regularly to have good health and a high level of productivity.

It’s the same with your cat. Therefore, even if you do not see signs that your cat is sick, you shouldn’t postpone visits to the vet. And it’s helpful to know the most common cat diseases. If you notice early signs of a disease, you must book a visit to the vet right away.

Remember that we are responsible for those we have tamed. Your furry friend is counting on you, so please don’t let him down!

old cat

6 Constantly Leave Him Alone for a Long Time

Just like a small child, a cat should not be left alone for long. He can do something bad with himself or your apartment. And it’s a fact that cats miss their people.

We know that in the first paragraph of this article, we said that you should not give the cat too much attention, but too little attention is not good as well.

So, try to look for a golden means of communication with a cat. And both of you will be happy!

7 Forget to Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth

Do not think that the cat does not need dental care. Perhaps your purring brother has many different characteristics in his DNA that link him to predators such as lions and tigers. But your house cat is entirely different.

So stock up on chewable snacks to strengthen your cat’s teeth, buy a special toothbrush, and call your veterinarian. He will tell you how to take care of YOUR cat’s teeth and make them beautiful and healthy.


8 Let Him Walk by Himself Anytime & Everywhere

Your cat needs personal space more than any other pet. But that doesn’t mean letting him out is a good idea. It is always better for a cat to have a nearby person to look after him.

We strongly recommend using this advice even when you are in the village. In this case, you can build a fence beyond which the cat will not go out without you. Well, or look after him from time to time through the window.

9 Bring All Plants Home Without a Pre-Check

Just like us, cats have different reactions to plants. They may sneeze, itch, and have other symptoms similar to our usual allergies. So always check with your veterinarian if your cat and your favorite tropical plants can be housed together.

After all, homemade durian is undoubtedly cool, but your beloved cat’s health is still more important.

If you want to learn about this subject, check out the article on the most common toxic house plants for cats.

Thank you for being with us, dear friends!

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