61 Cats Who Just Realized That Their Human Betrayed Them & Took Them To Vet

Cat fact: They hate going to the vet more than taking a bath.

It is very commonly known that cats are very moody and lazy animals. They love to sleep, sleep and sleep. Oh, and food comes second. Cats are little princesses that need attention and affection only when they ask for it. Do not bother them unless they come to you. Basically, we do not own cats. They own us. It is their world and we are just living in it.

The biggest crime you can commit in a cat’s law book is taking them to the vet. They despise it. You might have heard that cats have amazing senses but here is one thing that no one will tell you. It is that cats can sense when their owners are planning to take them to the vet. It is no joke. If you do not believe me, scroll down and see it for yourself.

1. Good hiding spot, Kitty.

2. Aww, poor guy.

3. That is one unreachable cat.

4. It looks like they tricked her into going to the vet. The look on her face after seeing the veterinarian.

5. Beware of the wrath of this cat.

6. She is plotting to get back at her owners for doing this.

7. A game of hide-and-seek to pass the time.

8. Where is the cat? No, I can not see her.

9. Kirby cries tears of joy after leaving the vet’s clinic.

10. She looks chill.

11. This is the only time she probably sat in that carrier willingly.

12. Oh, he is not pleased at all.

13. He would rather stay inside.

14. That annoyed face is so hilarious.

15. Peek-a-boo!

16. He looks like he is done with his life.

18. I should hide behind this wire so no one can find me.

19. Adorable!

20. He looks so uncomfortable.

21. I love me some head rubs.

22. Oh God, she is so cute!

23. I need more milk! Give me milk!

24. This cat stays quiet as long as he is in the cage.

25. She is desperately tying to find a hiding spot.

26. No one can find me in this spot.

27. Told you, cats are unapproachable.

28. He looks like he just saw a ghost.

29. Oh, you better run. This cat is seeing red.

30. A nap better save me from going to the vet.

I will never understand a cat’s hatred towards its vet. Besides the fact they do not like to be told what to do and they always want to have the upper hand, no matter how many times you take them to the vet, they will always freak out during each visit like its their first. They just can not get used to it. Keep scrolling to have a laugh, we are not done yet…

31. Please, do not make me come out.

32. This cat is actually waiting for the vet. I am shocked.

33. I am invisible now.

34. No, I am angry. Do not talk to me.

35. To feel the sink, you have to be the sink.

36. This cat will do anything to get out of here.

37. Florence said, no, not today.

38. Before and after visiting the vet.

39. That was one memorable first visit to the vet.

40. No! Not the rectal thermometer.


42. She is upset with you, human.

43. Yeah, they can not find me here.

44. There is no cat here.

45. I am hiding from the vet no matter what.

46. It took me 5 minutes to find him.

47. Aww, she is sad!

48. Now you can not see me. I disappear.

49. I want to go home, mommy!

50. We are not moving!

51. This box better hide me from the bad man.

52. I can fit in! I can hide! I can hide!

53. Oh… She is an aggressive one.

54. She is so calm.

55. Oh, no.

56. He just saw the devil dressed as a doctor.

57. Please, mommy, I do not feel good here.

58. He hates it here.

59. Bribing with food, I see.

60. Cats love hiding in the sink.

61. This the face she made after she heard her owners are planning to take her to the vet.

These cats are just extremely adorable. They made my day. I remember my cat would try to jump out of my arms every time we visited the vet so she can escape. It was a funny sight. Let us know your cat’s relationship with its vet in the comments down below.

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