48 Cats That Forgot How To Cat

Cat error is a real thing.

Cats are weird animals. They can be really cute one second and really vicious the other. Maybe it is their unexpected nature that keeps us constantly entertained. This is why they will always be one of our favourite animals. We really are blessed to have cats but they can also malfunction every now and then. And sometimes they even forget how to cat and when this happens, an abstract flare kicks into their head and they act in the weirdest ways possible. And that’s okay because they always look adorable and we think cats are the cutest when they’re going through that weird phase or when they do something extremely stupid.

So, cats having errors are some of our favourite moments. This is why today, we will be looking at 48 cats that are either having an error in their system or just want to say YOLO(you only live once). Scroll down below and enjoy.

1. Oh, sorry. Was I interrupting something?

2. Every Time I Shower.

3. What Did I Do To Merit This?

4. Goose Has The Ability To Scare The Crap Out Of Us. Should’ve Called Him Johnny.

5. That Doesn’t Go There.

6. Look At My Toe Beans.

7. Just Watchin’ TV.

8. He’s Not Allowed In The Bathroom Because He Will Try His Best To Get Into The Toilet. This Is His Act Of Protest.

9. That’s The Look Of “Don’t Go To Sleep Tonight Or Else.”

10. I Think He Wants To Come Inside.

11. He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out.

11. Liquid Cat.

12. Got The Lockdown Covid Crazies.

13. She’ll Hold This Pose Until You Pet Her…

14. Caught The Cat Hunting Lady Bugs This Morning.

15. Cat On Television.

16. Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Your’s Normal?

17. She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub.

18. Henrik Chomped My Cactus The Other Day. I Was Taking A Picture With Him And The Puncture Marks He Left When He Went In For A Second Chomp. He’s A Very Special Boy.

19. We’ve Adopted An Idiot. A Dramatic Idiot.

20. Alright Then.

21. I Prefer Napkin.

22. My Sisters Cat Is Obsessed With Whatever She’s Doing, All The Time!

23.My Cat Stares At Me Through Reflections (Not Just Mirrors.. Anything With A Reflection, Like My TV When It’s Off). Freaks Me Out…

24. I’m Doing Homework, And Then…

25. I Just Can’t With Noodle’s Face.

Having fun scrolling through these? We are sure about the fact that some of these would have caused an emotional change in you for the better. If you want to see more cats having feline errors in their database or codes or whatever, scroll down below as there are plenty of more kitties around the internet that would love to get noticed by you. Here, have a look at even more cats being weird.

26. Mistakes Were Made.

27. The Deadly Combination Of One Cat That Likes Hidey Holes And Another Cat That Sits On Boxes.

28. He Does This A Lot…

28. Every Time You Pick Him Up He Needs To Stretch Out.

29.Sometimes Winston Invents Brand New Shapes.

30. My Very Photogenic Kitten, Link.

31. My Cat Likes To Sit And Clean Her Toes By Chewing On Them.

32. Got Mcdonald’s And My Cat Decided To Stick His Head In The Empty Nugget Container.

33. Hmm.

34. Mr. Toonses, Sitting Around The House, Judging Everyone.

35. He’s Sitting But He Does Not Fit.

36. Our Cat Thinks She’s A Penguin.

37. His New Toy Sparked An Existential Crisis.

38. Hello Ladies, Welcome To The Penthouse.

39. The Late Afternoon Sun Casts Shadows From Our Window Blinds. He’s Like This Every Day.

40. Why Are Cats Always Weirdos When We’re In The Bathroom.

41. Her Kitty Operating System Crashed.

42. He’s Been Sitting Like This For 15 Minutes. It’s Starting To Scare Me.

43. My Friend’s Cat Is… Special.

44. It’s What You Get For Being Greedy.

45. Ok Then.

46. He Sleeps Like A Thanksgiving Turkey.

47. Reggie Loves Rugs.

48. He Just Fell Asleep Like This.

And with that, we conclude this article. Let us know your favourite picks and which one’s stood out the most for you. Let us know in the comment section below and have a great day.

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