40 Pics Of Dads With Cats They Didn’t Want In Their House

Is your dad, BF, or husband against your decision of having a cat?

Well, don’t worry, as soon as you bring your cat home, he’s going to end up being your cat’s dad instead of yours! Yup, that’s right. That’s just the majority of fathers & your significant others. At first, they are going to act all macho and strict and won’t let you bring a cat inside the house but as soon as you sneak one in, they simply won’t be able to control themselves and will end up cuddling the cat or playing with it. Why? Because let’s just admit that cats are one of the most irresistible creatures, and their charms can melt even the strongest ones.

However, we are not giving any assurances that you end up rebelling against your dad and later start blaming us. But to prove it to you, we have compiled some of the cutest pictures of dad’s who said that they didn’t want a cat in the house at first but eventually they were found cuddling the cat! Maybe you can just start by showing this article to your dad before you bring an actual cat into the house. Sounds reasonable, right? Anyways, let’s proceed with the pictures and stories that we have compiled for you;

1. “Ooo, what is it that you are watching, hooman?”

“I still do NOT like cats”

2. Who can ever resist that adorable little kitty!?

For Father’s Day! The man who refused to care for the new kitten we adopted but fell asleep all snuggled up

3. Cat be like: Why is there a dog on your t-shirt?

Boyfriend: “I hate cats, I’m never going to like your cats.” Also Boyfriend: “Salem, you are my favorite bud.”

4. “Allergy? What allergy?”

I’m allergic to cats. Definitely don’t want a long haired cat. Fast forward 10 years.

5. “Hooman, do you really think you could resist me?”

Throwback to 1998… Dad did not want another cat (so we actually adopted two 😂)

6. What a beautiful family!

My dad didn’t want EITHER animal. Now look at him

7. Cats are fun and adorable.

Him: I dont want a pet Emily. Adopts Monty as a stray, does 2am emergancy vet runs when she lost her leg. Then goes and rescues a kitten.

8. “Can you help me in here, Karen? I can’t breathe.”

My boyfriend thought the abandoned kitten I found was gross and insisted that he didn’t want me to keep her.

9. Dad be like: Hey, let’s watch something together?

My dad was adamant that the cat would stay in the garage while at their house. This is day 1 of letting him inside.

10. He still won’t admit that he adores the cat.

All of my pictures of Dad look like this

11. “Yes, that’s right, hooman. Serve me”

Dad:”We are not getting a cat, no way.” Also Dad: “He wants his head scratched!” *puts cat in lap and gives him brushie brushie*

12. What an adorable picture!

Dad then: Oh no. No more cats. Dad now:

13. Dad probably claims he didn’t say that.

My dad on my 13th birthday “whatever you do don’t bring home a f***ing cat” My dad now :

14. That’s a nice stuffed toy. Not a cat.

“Do not bring that cat near me”, “I don’t like cats” okay, sure thing dad lol

15. The cat is like “Hey man, what’s wrong with you?”

16. Meet Fideo. Our new boss.

He didn’t want Fideo

17. Was just trying to help the poor little thing.

“She couldn’t reach!”

18. “They see me rollin’ they hatin”

Found an old picture of my stepdad with the cat he didn’t want

19. “No hooman, put me down”

My dad always complains about the cats and dog being obnoxious…but he’s all talk. And we all know it!

20. “We are taking a nap, do you mind?”

Smitty owns my dad and she knows it

As you can see, no one is safe from the magic of cats. It’s like these kitties know how to hypnotize us hoomans and make us serve them, let alone the decision of not having them inside the house. See how quickly these dads changed their minds once they started to interact with these little furballs? Yes, because that’s how amazing they are! Keep scrolling as we have more pictures for you.

21. Well, they are not so evil after all.

Peter “Cats are evil and I’m never visiting you if you get one” Curtis

22. Look at this big baby

Walter White loves catdad

23. Just chilling in the sun together.

He insists he’s “not an animal person” and thought I was absolutely absurd for buying a leash for a cat. Now he brings Toothless outside anytime we are.

24. “Kitties? What kitties? These are my babies”

i guess part 2 of a previous post, now featuring both egg and pepper, who he did not want

25. What a wholesome picture!

Grandpa and his baby

26. Cat be like: I didn’t want any of them.

He didn’t want a single one of ‘em.

27. Look at those eyes!

The cutest pair😻

28. Gettin’ some belly rubs!

john & cat

29. Well, that is one good looking dad.

dog person who was sick of us getting cats found out our kitten fits in his pocket

30. That is such an odd name for a cat…

Dad didn’t like Mouse. Mouse didn’t like dad. Something happened and now they’re inseparable.

31. Let’s celebrate birthdays together!

Bf: No, we can’t get a cat, I’m allergic and getting cat hair in my food would be the bane of my existence. Also bf: insists on celebrating his and the cat’s birthday on the same day

32. “Cat? There is no cat in the blanket?”

BF of 10 years, “I’m not a pet person” also BF of 10 years…

33. The most peaceful sleep

He said no to inside cats for years but she stole his heart

34. “Yes hooman, massage my back properly”

35. Cat hypnotizing my dad.

“We can feed her but there’s no way she’s setting foot inside our house” Now he loves her more than any of us!

36. Look at those legs.

Well, technically the second cat he didn’t want (and yes, a huge one that is)

37. Dad trying to impress the kitty.

Me dad told me not to take in the stray kitten. Walked in on him showing the bird feeder he made for “cat TV.”

38. I don’t like disturbing anyone’s sleep. It’s not just the cat, okay?

My father who swore he would never have another cat now refuses to move be cobblepot is sleeping and he doesn’t want to disturb that cat.

39. What a fluffy cat!

This is “manhandling” to show him who’s boss. Totally not cuddling.

40. Husband says he is just taking a picture of the pillow.

Here is my, “I’m kinda more of a dog guy myself” LIAR of a husband taking a picture of Sam to make as his phone background.

Well, we have reached the end of this amazing post and we hope that you loved and enjoyed every bit of it and you are ready to share this with your dad in order to convince him to let you keep a cat! We are pretty hopeful that this is going to have an impact on whoever is against your decision of having a cat. Anyway, do let us know how did it go down in the comments section below.

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