35 Selfies With Cats Gone Horribly Wrong Because Cats Hate Selfies

Cats and selfies do not go together.

Dogs are known to be very hyper and playful. Cats are considered to be lazy and very laid back. But these are just stereotypes. We know plenty of cats that can prove these rumours wrong. When it comes to taking pictures, the devil within them breaks lose. They just WON’T sit still. Forget about posing, they won’t even look at the camera.

If you own a cat, it’s most probable someone is going to ask you for a picture of them. You’ll spend the next hour trying to find a decent photo of them in the camera roll. Only a few lucky people will end up with a photogenic cat that poses for the camera. I wonder how owners of pets with social media accounts do it. It is almost impossible with me and my cat. Here are some selfies with cats gone horribly wrong because cats hate selfies:

1. Going for a drive.

2. Get away from my face!

3. Is that grumpy cat?

4. Catching the paparazzi.

5. Meet Garfield’s cousin.

6. Like father, like son.

7. Enough selfies!

8. Derp

9. Caught in the act

10. Wait! I’m not ready yet!

11. Help!

12. Stop it.

13. An uncomfortable situation.

14. Free me, human!

15. The cone of shame.

16. I’ll kill you!

17. You disgust me.

As if cats didn’t hate us enough already, they make their hatred apparent from these selfies! Whenever I try to take a photo with my Persian cat, she likes to scratch me until I let go of her. She also likes to jump from one corner to the other unless I give up chasing her. They really aren’t a big fan of taking selfies. So we should probably just leave them alone.

18. Impossible to get a good picture.

19. It’s clear she hates kisses.

20. Perfect time to yawn

21. Taylor Swift’s cat, Meredith.

22. My Sister’s Cat Hates To Be Held… Kill Me Is The Thought That Comes To Mind

23. A series of unfortunate events.

24. Respect my privacy, please.

25. Giant cat invasion.

26. This cat hates everything

27. Let me go!

28. I said no!

29. Saoirse Doesn’t Like Selfies

30. Rethinking life decisions.

31. Cat slap!

32. Beautiful eyes, though!

33. The fire in those eyes.

34. Are you done?

35. Blur.

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