35 Of The Most Hilarious Test Answers From Kids

Tests were once about reflecting on the things we learned. Learning is a long, continuous process, and without regular exams, it’s hard to know if students have learned anything. Education is important. And tests were at all of their seriousness, at least that was what we thought. Fairly to say, long gone the time when we got smacked on the hands for writing and drawing “inappropriate answers” on our tests. For kids these days, it’s more about showing they’re smart kids than giving the right answers.

Getting a wrong answer used to be a shame for any student. However, the world has changed, and how students are doing now is also different. Why bother giving lame, indifferent answers while you can write down sassy words and goofy pictures? Well, kids these days indeed care more about showing their creativity and brilliant sense of humor. We all need a little fun at school, right? So, even though kids sometimes give incorrect answers, teachers still appreciate and give them some points for their efforts. Alright, don’t care about where the world is going just yet. Let’s scroll down and check out some of the funniest test answers from kids in the list below.

#1 Kids know the issue

#2 That’s me, 100 year in the future

#3 Suck it up, kids

#4 Who can argue with this?

#5 Poor little Miranda

#6 Very concise

#7 That’s it

#8 One solution to all your problem

#9 Now they all have nice names

#10 Seem legit

#11 Count to six

#12 Guide him? Easy task!

#13 Yes, you’re a smart kid

#14 That would be…one foot ball?!

#15 Pro tips on how to show up late for class

#16 Good advice

#17 What else could it be?

#18 Yes, probably

#19 Take the risk

#20 Fight for your life!

#21 What a magical moment…

#22 Yes, but you probably should not do it

#23 Wrong? Impossible!

#24 Don’t hit the dog!

#25 Nice choice

#26 How did this kid not get in trouble?

#27 *Faint*

#28 No one will remember

#29 Very funny, Peter!

#30 I get it every single time

#31 Not gonna show you

#32 Bet that’s a girl

#33 The important one is still correct

#34 Hi, I’m Word Bank

#35 Now lots of banks

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