35 Cat Snaps That Prove Life With Cats Is Hilariously Amazing

Life with cats is a wonderful adventure.

Cats are incredible creatures. There are some things we might never understand about them. Why do they love boxes so much? Why do they always wake up at 3 AM just to cause destruction in the house? Why do they attempt to scratch your face off if you touch their tummy? I guess these are just some things we will never know.

Life can be exhausting but it’ll be worth living if you have a cat with you. Adopting a cat can turn your life around. Living life with your best buddy is amazing, and dogs aren’t the only ones that qualify as man’s best friends. Cats can be very loyal friends too. The entertainment that cats provide you is hilariously amazing. If you don’t own a cat, we’ll give you a sneak peek. Here are 35 cat snapchats that prove life with cats is hilariously amazing:

1. He found his long lost twin.

Lucky you, you own 2 cats now 😉 -Nawal Wali

2. This kitty will need some time to get used to this love.

It was love. Love slapped her in the face. -Ksenia M

3. Not the brightest cat.

Both -Nawal Wali

If you observe well, you will notice that most cat owners are obsessed with their cats. Their phones would be filled with photos and videos of their feline friends. A study shows that a normal cat owner spends 1,016 hours with their cats and takes 7 photos a day of them.

4. Find the cat.

“You left me with HER!” -Pungent Sauce

5. Looks like something out of a music video.

Smart cat! -Janie Dykstra

6. Will fear overrun the urge?

7. When you crave attention.

She’s a much prettier statue. -Sheri Lattimer

8. Catmoflauge.

Day 36 the humans have found me -Nawal Wali

9. I’ve had enough of this human.

Run! -Nawal Wali

10. Foottens.

You’ve probably seen a lot of pet influencers on your feeds by now. The trend of making pet profiles has become very famous now. You’ll see thousands of accounts on Instagram that belong to animals. According to Loni Edwards, there are two main factors that lead to a pet going Insta-famous; It is either ridiculously good-looking or is extremely witty. In either way, the “OMG” factor is needed.

11. A cat can dream.

12. That’s actually a bat.

i sniff fud -Wottermehlon Doge

13. This cat looks possessed

The longer I look, the funnier it gets  -Draco Malfoy

14. The resemblance is uncanny.

Cats are dragons in disguise. -Analyn Lahr

15. This is what pure evil looks like.

16. Excited for a toy.

And her first whiff of catnip in the toy. Yes, you now have a ‘nip junkie in your house. Enjoy every minute of it! -Kathy Baylis

17. God ran out of ink.

If you don’t own a cat, you can still enjoy watching the lives of other cats through the Internet. Cat photos were rare a few years ago, but thanks to Snapchat, now we can see millions of hilarious cat snaps on the Internet.

18. Houston, we have a problem.

Nothing to see here! Please move on. Just a cat blowing in the wind.-Marc

19. I think you accidentally swore at her in cat language.

Hate to tell you, but your Feline is a bit off. You actually told him, “Move in with us,” and he said yes… -Leo Domitrix

20. Who is that?!

He does not like hat -Katie and Jared Coates

21. They don’t appreciate expensive gifts.

Bags and boxes are more fun! -Janie Dykstra

22. The fun life.

23. I love your arm’s ink!


LET HIM IN!!! -GoodWolf

25. He just turned into a rat.

What a preciousss -A Lazy Spider

26. Making sure no one else eats them.

Quality controlled by Inspector ‘C’ -Pungent Sauce

27. If you look closely, those are actually 2 cats.

28. Looks like a panther.

29. A responsible cat.

Proper distancing too, good boy. -Pungent Sauce

30. It’s all mine!

31. I want a professor like that too.

32. Because it is raw chicken.

Put clothes on her…then she can be edited into a raw chicken wearing clothes. -Sheri Lattimer

33. Chonky baby.

34. Wow. They are beautiful.

Those eyes are amazing! -Janie Dykstra

35. It was a cheat day.

What did you think of these hilariously adorable snaps? Do you have a cat? How much time do you spend with them? Let us know your stories in the comments below!

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