30 Pictures of Celebrities Cuddling With Their Cats

Cats are love, they are life.

And anyone who doesn’t agree with that doesn’t deserve to have a cat. They are not only immeasurably adorable but they will also be alongside you through thick and thin while the same cannot be said for humans. And the world isn’t obsessed with cats for no reason. They are great companions for those who live to stay at home but not feel lonely. They can also help with your anxiety. So they are all around a great pet.

The following celebrities agree as well. While you may not have known that these people were big cat lovers, we are here to show you just that. From Rober Downey Junior To Martha Stewart, all of them love cuddling with their cats. And we can see why, as their cats are gorgeous, which they should be, considering what a luxurious life they must live. This is why I always wanted to be a cat. Putting aside my want for becoming a cat, let’s take a look at some celebrities posing with their kitty.

#1 Rober Downey Junior.

#2 Drew Barrymore.

All the kittens are just adorable.

#3 Ed Sheeran.

#4 Ricky Gervais.

#5 Ian Somerhalder.

The Vampire Diaries star loves his ginger cat.

#6 Nicole Kidman.

#7 Katy Perry.

I can’t handle how cute these pictures are.

#8 Jenna Fischer.

#9 Taylor Swift.

She is a real cat lady with 3 cats.

#10 Mayim Bialik.

#11 Russel Brand.

One cat is never enough.

#12 Jay Baruchel.

#13 Kat Denning.

She does not look broke at all here.

#14 Martha Stewart.

They presumably help her with all the cooking.

#15 Salma Hayek.

She is going to regret wearing a black dress with that white floof.

#16 Mackelmore.

This is nothing new, honestly. People have always thought that having a cat on set can help the actor focus more and remain calm. Not only that, but many singers have dedicated full albums to their cats. If you don’t believe me, you only have to look at the timeless icon Freddie Mercury and how he loved his cats. And since these celebrities live a hectic life, cats can help them when they are at home. It doesn’t hurt because cats are so adorable as well. 

#17 Gigi Hadid.

The kitty taught her how to walk on the catwalk.

#18 Isla Fisher.

#19 Ellie Goulding.

#20 Mandy Moore.

#21 Gilles Marini.

#22 Hideo Kojima.

How did he not add a cat in Death Stranding? On the second thought, I am glad he didn’t.

#23 James Franco.

#24 Hayley Bieber.

#25 Kesha.

#26 Alexander Vlahos.

#27 Keegan Allen.

That is one angry kitty.

#28 Allison Brie.

#29 Dita Von Teese.

The cat is looking over all the luggage for her.

#30 Peyton Clark.

When you still haven’t properly woken up.

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