30 Photos Of Big Cats That Show “Kitties Will Be Kitties”

No matter big or small, cats are always fun!

If you are a cat lover, you would be well aware of the dramatic yet powerful nature of the cats. A cat is a boss animal and will always live life on its own terms. They are dominated, moody and super cute. These traits are common among all the cats and we are here to prove it by a collection of amazing photos.

The big cats belong to Panthera genus. This group is consisted of only 5 species of cats such as lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar and snow leopard. These fiery felines make it arguably the most powerful group in animal kingdom. Big cats are as interesting and glorious as they look and there are countless amazing facts about its each member, that always inspire awe in the public.

Scroll down to see these wonderful photos showing cats being cats.

#1 These adorable kitties are having a good nap time at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. 

#2 Look at this snow-white leopard posing!

#3 A serval with its cub.

#4 Lethal!

Big cats are amazingly ferocious. They are distinguished from rest of the cats on the basis of their ability to “roar” while the rest can only purr. Are you also the fan of the famous lion roars?

#5 Mama is always on guard!

#6 When you love being mama’s boi!

#7 Not-so-big cats though.

#8 This mama is proud of her little cub.

#9 This Bengali Tiger and Indian Leopard are having a fun play in India.

#10 “Imma stretch big too”

#11 “Bath time, little cub”

#12 Isn’t it pawsome?

#13 This American jaguar is flexing on its teeth.

#14 Just having a bro moment!

#15 When you feast big and can’t move.

#16 Sher Khan, Baloo and Leo were rescued from an abusive drug dealer. The three besties share an amazing bond and are always together. They are now residing in Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in USA. 

#17 Check out the blinding beauty of this jaguar.

#18 A work of art!

#19 This animal reserve in South Africa provides massage services for lions. This lion be living its best life!

#20 Big cat, big nap!

#21 “Don’t disturb me when I’m napping”

#22 A Sumatran tiger is the smallest of all tigers. Cute!

#23 Summer pose!

#24 “I love my cub!”

#25 This jaguar queen is on the move with her two cubs.

#26 Love is in the air!

#27 This old lion “Lenci” needs some ice cream i guess!

#28 People also came up with some hilarious memes. Check these out.

#29 Scheme.

#30 These Russian big cats are available in all size. Which one would you like to order?

Did you like these amazing animals? Which big cat from the group is your most favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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