30 People Shared Hilariously Meanest Things Their Evil Cats Have Done

Cats are adorable. They make puppy dog eyes, purr, cuddle and are very affectionate. No doubt they’re a complete package of entertainment. Cats never cease to amaze us in different ways. These four-legged furry friend of ours have big personalities with an even bigger attitude. All trapped inside in their little, flexible, chunky and furry bodies. We know that cats have uncertain behavior. They’re playful and sweet at one moment and your deadly enemy the next. Cats have great learning abilities. They can observe, learn and recall. They use the learned information from instances of the past to solve problems and tackle situations of the present time.

Since cats belong to the intelligent beings squad, they know what strings to pull and when. This anonymous Twitter thread discusses how people were bamboozled by their feline counterparts. People shared their “mean cat” moments and how their cats took revenge and threw the right tantrums at the most appropriate times. Scroll down and check it out.

The ice-cream thief.

He knows exactly what he wants and how. This cutie satisfies his sweet tooth in the most sugar coated way.

This cat has the face of an angel…with a devil inside.

“Err!! I’m scary!”

Probably because he thinks he’s your mom’s only child.

There is a logical explanation to why a cat is acting mean. You’re being loving towards your cat. You stroke her gently massaging through her fur and her quick response is a hiss instead of a purr. This is a sure sign of aggression. So, what may have caused such rude behavior? Maybe she was enjoying being pet at first and suddenly she changed her mind? This made her angry instantly and she hissed.

There are different types of aggression that may have various triggers among cats. Sometimes, they see other animals especially cats as intruders and feel a sudden need to claim their territory. Cats feeling annoyed and triggered due to an animal outside that they can’t chase. Oh! They become your worst nightmare in that state. Some cats get jealous when you give another cat your attention and valuable time. There are also occasions when a car feels like she’s stuck somewhere and she can’t get out. They become mean and we can’t figure it out.

“It looked tasty!”

The thug cat!

This one’s a very aggressive one.


“Hooman, here’s your birthday gift!”

Cat scan.

The vets should pay you, for specialist exercise improving their techs’ skills.

 He could stand up on two legs and possess you.

In the cat universe, poop is the best revenge.

That’s scary. Really scary.


This one’s deadly.

He knows the perfect time to be mean.

“Hooman, you can’t sit with us.”

Aww… She made her mark.

We understand.

With love comes pain.

She’s a drama queen.

Must be handled with care.

I bet when he wakes up, the devil says “Oh sh*t! Competition.”

“Don’t fight a cat.”

This one’s got some serious predatory instincts.

They say “Everything is fair in love and war.” And this is a war for love.

He was a true ninja indeed. RIP

“Intruder alert!! The kid is taking over my kingdom.”

HAHA! This one is the devil himself.

Looks like someone is getting jealous.

You know nothing doc!

Some of these above cats are from the pit of hell for sure. Mean to the bones. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Got some mean stories of your devious little demon to share? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share and enjoy it with your friends.

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