30 Hysterical Cat Jokes Vet Clinics Put Up On Their Signs

Nobody likes going to the doctor.

Because when you have to go to the doctor, it usually means there is something wrong with you. And when you step foot there and see all the other sick people, it’s never a great feeling. You never know what news you will hear when you go there. So it’s understandable that pets don’t like going to the hospital either.

Usually, you have to coerce them with treats and such when you need to take them to the vet. However when they reach the place, there is a 100% chance, they will kick up a fuss. They will mostly try to hide in ‘inconspicuous’ places which are not hidden to try to get away from the veterinarian doctor.

Well, this veterinarian hospitals have put some relatable cat jokes on the main sign. I have no idea why since cats can’t read but it sure is hilarious for us.

Scroll down below and take a look.

#1 This is very accurate.

Where are all those flat-earthers now? -Ale_Vidal23

#2 More like butlers.

#3 And they will never forget.

I wonder if they really haven’t… The way cats draw you in with their purring, their catty ways and everything, you tend to wonder you know.. Maybe cats know how entitled they are. -miaow

#4 Cats wouldn’t make great texting buddies.

#5 Only my cat gets to order me around!

Four adopted cats here…tell me about it! -Luis Milian

#6 Cat puns are the purrst.

#7 People sure do like some cat puns.

I had a catscan 3 weeks ago. Loved the doctor, btw. Very soft fur. -The Chopstick

#8 That’s what makes them so entitled.

#9 More likely the door is in the wrong here.

It should say “The Door is always on the wrong side of a Cat” -Luis Milian

#10 Color theory is very important when you own a cat.

#11 Better to just not do it.

When your opponent brings 18 tiny swords to the fight and you only brought soap. -Layla

#12 We will help them.

#13 It is a very important discussion.

I made the biggest mistake and gave my four cats catnip at 10pm before going to bed…my couch suffered the most. -Luis Milian

#14 They don’t have the time to listen to our bullsh*t.

#15 Only rarely huh?

Ever had a cat sit+watch you having a shower? They seem facinated. -Johanna-Nicollette Kidd

#16 The cat will rip the bag up.

#17 The doggo has gone to the dark side.

He understands what is like to own hoomans. -Luis Milian

#18 The only way you can do that is to get a cat.

#19 It definitely will.

Yeah but only for 1.7 sec, after that they will rip your hand in pieces. -Ale_Vidal23

#20 They will purr you back to health.

#21 Great, this is what I needed.

Yikes! Now that songs stuck in my head, and will be for a long time. Now watch me whip. -Grace Knight

#22 And nobody likes a cheetah.

#23 Or you don’t need a reason at all.

You don’t NEED a reason to adopt a cat just go get one and watch how happy you become. -Taryn Wallace

#24 The excuse for when your teacher asks for your homework.

#25 Cats and I have a lot in common then.

Actually it’s “Brrrrrrrown” -Mark Mesi

#26 I don’t wanna think about this one.

#27 That you just wanna lay on.

I want a mountain of my very own.. To overcome+contemplate over… -Johanna-Nicollette Kidd

#28 And you don’t wanna get caught in between.

#29 That’s a book I would read.

I had a long hair “Ragdoll” cat I named “Hairy Potty”. He had problems keeping his tail out of the way when he pooped! -Thomas Kent

#30 Most cats would.

What did you think of these hilarious signs? What does your cat do when you bring them to the vet? Comment down below and let us know.

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