30 Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Hiding

These cats are professionals at hiding.

Cats are such fun and playful creatures, only when they are in the mood though, might I add. They also happen to be very unpredictable, you just can not guess what a cat actually wants because of their drastic mood swings. They want your attention but not too much of it, they want your love but they love their personal space. Just like that, they might seem lazy all the time and you just can not know when they will start running around the house like crazy, playing their own little cute games with you.

Every cat owners know how good cats are at hiding, it is probably their favorite game to play. I would rather call it a hobby because of how often they tend to do that. They hide in the most random and odd places that are extremely difficult to figure out. We have collected a bunch of pictures of cat hiding, let’s see who finds the most cats out of all of these pictures. Keep on scrolling down…

1. Starting with the difficult one!

2. I refuse to believe there is a cat in this picture.

3. I can not find the cat! Where is it?!

4. Cats really love hiding in the oddest places.

5. Just another shoe that one is.

6. Nice try, Kitty.

7. That looks very scary. Like a scene from a horror movie.

8. I will never understand what is with cats and boxes. They love hiding in the boxes.

9. Not a good place to hide there, Catto.

10. I spy with my eye…

11. Can you find the kitten in this picture?

12. This is every cat’s favorite place to hide.

13. Wow, I almost did not see her there.

14. Aww, the cutest baby sleeping so peacefully.

15. She really tried but oh well, not so smart, kitty.

See, I told you they are really good at it. They actually are professional at this point. If there were animals’ Olympics where hide and seek was one of the sports, I bet cats would win against all of the other animals. This is how good they are at it. No joke. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these pictures…

16. This one took me so long.

17. Another cat in a box, they just love it so much.

18. I see a pair of cute furry ears.

19. Wow, their fur really matches these patterns so perfectly.

20. This is getting so much more difficult!

21. Cats are really good at hiding, this one is the best.

22. Oh, my heart! Two best friends twinning.

23. Just a cat being a cat.

24. This reminds me of that one scary Jeffree Star picture. Bye.

25. This is so perfect, I love it.

26. What is she doing up there…? Cats are so unpredictable!

27. Wow, this cat really copied the wooden pattern.

28. This fluffy furry baby is perfectly matching with the carpet.

29. This is level 1000 of difficulty, guys.

30. Oh, God. I give up!

I have really failed at finding most of these cats, these cats were really difficult to find. How many did you find? Does your cat love hiding too? Tell us in the comments down below…

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