“Omar: The Massive Feline Contender for the World’s Longest Cat Title”

Meet Omar – the three-year-old Maine Coon cat who resides in Melbourne, Australia with his owner Stephy Hirst. This impressive ginger feline is known for his massive size and may just be crowned the world’s longest cat. To maintain his impressive physique, Omar eats raw kangaroo for dinner.

 Omar is a three-year-old Maine Coon cat and he may be the longest cat in the world

Omar, a three-year-old Maine Coon cat, has gained attention online for his impressive size. Weighing 14kg, which is three times heavier than the average domestic cat, he may soon be crowned as the world’s longest cat. The credit for his newfound fame goes to his owner, Stephy, who started an Instagram account for him a fortnight ago. Omar’s popularity soared after being featured on Cats of Instagram, which boasts eight million followers. As a result, Guinness World Records reached out to Stephy, suggesting that Omar could potentially hold the record for the world’s longest cat.

 Owner Stephy says that she recently measured Omar as being around 120cm in length

The owner of a Maine Coon cat named Omar has claimed that her pet might be the new Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest cat. Stephy, Omar’s owner, was shocked when she first measured him and saw that he might have broken the current record of 118.33cm which was set by another Maine Coon cat named Ludo back in 2015. Stephy plans to submit Omar’s measurements for official verification. If confirmed, Omar would become the new title holder.

 Stephy and her partner Rowan Lawrence got Omar when he was a kitten and he now weighs over 14kg

Stephy and Rowan Lawrence became proud owners of Omar when he was just a baby cat. As time passed by, the adorable kitten grew into a massive feline, weighing over 14kg now.

 Stephy was contacted by Guinness World Records, who told her that Omar might be the longest cat in the world

Guinness World Records reached out to Stephy and informed her that Omar could possibly be the longest cat in the world. Stephy revealed that they had suspected Omar’s length but had not pursued anything because he was still growing. Stephy and her partner adopted Omar when he was a kitten, and Rowan had always wanted a big cat. Although Omar was tiny at first, he quickly grew and weighed 10kg at just one year old.

 Omar, who is now three, is bigger than some dogs. Pictured with Stephy's Shetland Sheepdog, Penny

At the age of three, Omar has grown so big that he is now larger than certain breeds of dogs. As seen in a photo alongside Stephy’s Shetland Sheepdog, Penny, Omar’s sheer size is quite impressive.

 Omar pictured left in 2013 and right, now, aged three. He now weighs 14kg and is around 120cm long

Omar, a three-year-old Maine Coon cat, has a daily routine that includes waking up at 5am for a kibble breakfast specially made for his breed, followed by a nap on the trampoline outside. He eats raw kangaroo for dinner and sleeps on the family sofa because he takes up too much room on the bed and demands constant attention all night. Despite his large size, Omar is agile and skilled at opening doors and cupboards to roam wherever he pleases. In earlier reports, we also featured a 7ft Great Dane weighing as much as a baby elephant and a giant capybara rodent who enjoys playing with his canine friend.

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