27 Snapchats Th@t Prove C@ts Are Living A Better Life Th@n Humans

These cats are living in the lap of luxury.

Most if not all cats love to show off their majestic selves to the whole world. And there is a good reason for that. because we as humans love to spoil them.

Sure, it might get annoying when they wake you up at 4 in the morning because they are hungry. But that is not gonna stop us from giving our pets all that they deserve.

So if you are here to get your daily dose of cat antics, scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram

#1 Just imagine how terrified the little fishes must be every night.

#2 That kitty is not happy with the affection towards the doggo.

#3 And lifts weights from what I can see.

#4 He certainly was not expecting a bite to his bum.

#5 Well, he is much more majestic than the statue.

#6 Because if he does, the cat’s probably gonna get revenge.

#7 When you don’t want anyone else to eat your food.

#8 It’s gonna take a long while and he is p*ssed.

#9 They are gonna touch the filthy floor.

#10 And I think he liked it.

The way he looks right now. You would think he just had catnip. Wait, you didn’t slip some catnip in that tuna, did you?

#11 Everyone has days like these.

#12 Just look at his innocent face.

#13 He’s working it.

#14 She is a big chubster, isn’t she?

#15 Okay, This is just adorable.

#16 She is thinking about how stupid this hooman is.

#17 It’s because she has found her forever home.

#18 A lamp with a sad clown to be precise.

#19 Which this human has none of.

#20 Long live the kitty!

If Disney had only starred cats in the live-action rather than going to the uncanny valley. The audiences would have eaten it all up.

#21 He just wants to get squished.

#22 Everyone says that until they meet their perfect cat partner.

#23 You think?

#24 How dare he?

#25 There are probably treats just behind the camera.

#26 She does whatever she likes.

#27 Prince? Don’t you mean a king?

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