29 Cats That Are Not The Brightest Kids In Their Class

Cats are masters of disguise, according to common perception, and if you own a cat, you know there’s some truth to this. Cats have an air of refinement, elegance, and mystery about them at all times. As a result, humans often regard them as intelligent and cunning creatures. But don’t be fooled by their disguises; they’re prone to making amusing decisions. It’s occasionally amusing to see them get themselves into unneeded difficulties. These amusing photographs serve as a warning not to be fooled by appearances, as even the most intelligent-looking cat can forget how to cat.

They have all the drama in their lives. They will act crazy over nothing and when you will catch them making a mess, they will act as if they have done nothing. When you ask them to scoot over because they are taking all of the space on your bed, they will act like it is the end of the world. We live for that kind of drama and it is always hilarious to watch their reactions in situations like these. Cats help us stay fresh and happy with the world. We would not know what to do without them. If you were having a bad day, you have stumbled upon the right place. Scroll down below to watch 29 overdramatic cats that are just hilarious.

1. She prefers to eat like this



2. Someone let me out

3. Wondering how did she manage to get stuck in that



4. Posing in the trees? No, got stuck due to being naughty

5. There’s a cat on my bag; help!

6. She got herself stuck there and now she needs help

7. He would not let him bath by me but would not mind getting wet like this

8. Fighting for their favorite fruit be like

9. This cat definitely has superpowers

10. What a great and innovative way to drink water


11. Cats being cats

12. There are some things that only cats would understand

13. You are not supposed to put yourself in there, pal

14. Getting stuck due to their own drama and then needing assistance; presenting you typical cat behavior

15. Why does the towel look different this time?

16. Just hired a new sweeper

17. No matter what they do, they are the cutest of all

18. Someone save her from falling

19. She said she liked jewelry but I did not know to this point..

20. Ever seen a cactopus? Well, now you see one

21. They will never ever sit or sleep at the place that is actually made for them, do you agree?

22. What is she trying to look at ?

23. Watching the neighbors fighting from the door be like

24. If you wanted to make it, you would have just told me girl!

25. He knows he’s the one

26. When you get into the water and suddenly remember you do not know swimming


27. Help, there’s a tree on the cat

28. Why is there cat looking burrito standing in front of me?

29. The cat is hanging there to get herself dry, I guess

Had fun watching the cute acts of these cats who caught themselves in most weird situations? Well, we know you did. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below. Keep visiting us for

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