25 Bizarre Cats That Have Their Own Logic

What comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about “cats”?

Most of us would think of them as the most adorable creatures to exist while some of us would think of them as moody, cunning, clever, and mysterious. If one word could be used to explain a cat it would be “mysterious” and I believe a majority of the cat owners reading this would agree. To date, no one has been able to completely understand these creatures. One moment they can appear to be quite smart and clever and the other, they can be caught in the dumbest and most hilarious acts.

Cats have their own logic and we always try to crack it but fail. So today, we are going to give it another shot and see whether we can understand or we are still completely oblivious about it. We have gathered a list of 25 different pictures of bizarre cats that have their own logic and it’s incredibly hilarious! Without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check it out!

1. Who says you can’t sit like this and eat your food, hooman?

2. No matter how much comfort we try to give them by purchasing expensive beds for them, they’d still prefer a cardboard box over it.

3. Look at this one trying to get out of the door while it’s open??? WHY!?

4. What? I just wanted to try something different. Stop being so conventional, hooman.

5. I’d rather just eat from the top.

6. Oh they love breaking the conventional norms.

7. Have you seen our cat? Did you check the slippers?

8. Even though he had his own bowl of water but he decided to drink from a tap…like this.

9. You can’t just buy expensive stuff for them and expect them to play with it. They’d always prefer a cardboard box!

10. Wait, what? I have hooman legs now?

11. Always be careful climbing up the stairs if you have a cat in your house because…

12. Not sure what this one is trying to do.

13. Look hooman, I can turn myself into a liquid form!

14. Damn, someone is showing off their flexibility!

15. Hello, I’m stuck. Pls help

16. You can wear me today.

17. Get out of here before someone finds how stupid we look!

18. Oh, this cardboard box has legs. And a tail too!

19. We can never understand how can they be so comfortable in such uncomfortable places!

20. Pss, hooman. Have you got a minute?

21. Delete that proof before someone sees it!

22. Awww… this is such an adorable picture!

23. How dare you eat in front of me?

24. Ninja cat!

25. Hey, straighten up yourself quickly. The hooman has caught us!

Well, the article ends here and we are pretty sure that you still couldn’t crack the code behind a cat’s logic! I guess we will need thousands of more years to understand. Until then, best of luck to you folks! Let us know which picture made you laugh the most? Feel free to use the comments section.

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