22 Times Mother Nature Decided To Employ Extra Creativity For These Animals

Uniqueness is something to be celebrated.

There is no fun in trying to fit into the mold that society has set out for us. Everything and everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. And it is the uniqueness specifically that makes something gorgeous. That is especially true when it comes to animals. Some people might not want a pet with a weird fur pattern or something similar but most of us don’t really care about any of these trivial things.

And that is exactly what we are going to celebrate today. From cats with hearts on their ears to squirrels who are basically multicolored, we have a compilation of some of the most adorable pictures of animals that might even look weird to some. But these pictures just show that mother nature is mysterious and sometimes we don’t have the answer as to why these animals ended up the way they did.

Scroll below to take a look for yourself.

#1 A black squirrel with a  blonde tail and it looks pretty cool.

#2 Are squirrels everywhere falling into a batch of bleach or something?

#3 Would this lizard grow the same tail again if it got cut off?

#4 Those look like little arrows rather than teeth.

#5 Yes, this turtle indeed has a bowtie and it is adorable.

#6 Either this kitty is very excited or she has a very straight tail.

#7 He does have beautiful eyes that anyone would get lost in.

#8 Honestly, his eyes look like galaxies.

#9 If you look closely at the wings, you can just about make out the mask from the Scream movies.

#10 I always did think that black cats are vampires and this proves that theory.

These unique features are not that surprising once you take a look at humans. All of us are different and even twins aren’t identical in every way. From moles in different places to weird birth signs on our bodies, humans can be weird in many ways. And the same thing is true for animals but I have to admit that animals look much more adorable with their unique features than humans can ever achieve.

#11 Another gorgeous cat who has heterochromia.

#12 Not only did I not know that turtles could smile but also that they could have blue eyes.

#13 This might take a minute but you can see a perfect R on the fur close to the paw.

#14 When you get old and grey starts coming in.

#15 This gecko was shedding but apparently, his eyebrows got stuck.

#16 This might be the smallest frog I have ever seen.

#17 My cat has similar colorings on her paw.

#18 His eyes are up there as pointed by the arrow.

#19 Who wouldn’t want to scratch those lovely ears?

#20 This kitty wants chin scritches right on the inverted heart.

#21 This adorable doggo has vitiligo.

#22 Can you see the difference between the zucchini and the doggo because I can’t.

Does your pet have a weird pattern? If so, why not tell us in the comments below? After all, we always love to hear from our readers.

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