22 Shameless Cats Who Believe They Own This World And They’re Not Wrong

Cats strongly believe they are Kings.

To understand cats is like doing a Ph.D. that has no minimum requirements. It’s a task many humans have failed at. Why? Because cats are very complex. I mean, I could just that they are extremely adorable creatures who demand nothing but love and love to give back as well, I wouldn’t be wrong. But, if I say cats are cold-hearted bitches who hate hugs and love their owners only when they are in the mood, I won’t be wrong here either.

The reason for these 2 extremes to exist is their personality. They have a very vivid personality which can shift quite easily, multiple times, throughout the day. And that is why you will see your cat hugging and kissing you and then smacking you right in the face, the very next minute. There is no explanation for that.

But we are humans and we can’t live without explanations and answers so decided to call cats authoritative. In simple words, kings of the world. They really are, if you think of it. They would do the most shameless thing and you will not see a drop of guilt on their face. Compare that to a dog, who when commits a crime and gets caught, its face gets drenched in guilt. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

Here are 22 shameless cats acting like the own the entire planet.

1.“Meanwhile, back at the house…”

2.“Hey internet company, please forget all those angry calls to tech support. I finally figured out what was wrong with my router.”

3.“Every time I try to play the Sims…”

4.“I couldn’t figure out why the fabric felt wet but he’s got the thread running through his teeth as I sew — that’s my cat, cleaning his teeth while I’m busy with work.”

5.“My cat loves to shred toilet paper. Today, she found my entire stash.”

Oh my god, just look at that evil laugh.

6.“My friend’s cat likes sitting on her head — literally.”

7.“My cat Tauntaun turns into a jerk when I try to sleep.”

8. When Her Majesty is not in the mood to have her ‘majesty’ stroked.

9.“My cat has the entire house to sit in, but settled for a plate of glitter cones.”

10.“That backless plastic stool will do for you, Hooman!”

11. Oh dear lord! You must be exhausted after all that hard work, right?

O La La! That is some mood. I remember I once drew on one of our main lounge walls, and man the beating I received. It wasn’t that bad, to be fair. But it taught me that using a pen on walls is a big no-no. Do that to a cat and it would pick a fight with you. They really don’t care when they don’t want to care.

Scroll down below for some more shameless kings.

12.“Stood on the dryer, tore the wreath down, made a bed, and now just purring away.”

13. Yummy snacko!


14.“Every morning he blocks the door and only budges when you throw him a couple of treats.”

15. The weather has got nothing on me. I am the King of the North.

16. “Just why?”

17.“I’m pretty sure my cats are planning to kill me.”

I am pretty sure it’s a small act in their plan to take over this planet.

18. Just getting warmed up.

19.“She has an $80 cat bed, and yet she’s been sleeping in this bag for 2 days now and won’t get out.”

Just cat things.

20.“Catzilla! Messi photobombed my friend’s bridal pics!”

21. Mind control techniques.

22.“My cat can’t stand hugs.”

For some reason, this confident, dominant, and independent behavior of kitty cats make them even more lovable. They are very unique. Definitely not your ordinary pet animal. When you decide to adopt a cat, know that you are taking up an adventure you may not survive. Don’t worry about the kitty, it will do just fine. But when things need to work out, they always do and the bond between the cat and owner is one to watch.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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