22 Photos Proving That Our Pets Are Adorable Hooligans, Specially Cats

Your pet can go wild from being an adorable domestic animal in an instant. You never know what changes their mood so quickly but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that our pets are absolute hooligans who have hi-jacked our hearts. You might think that your furball is a very good pet who listens to you and is calm around the house but what you don’t know is that they have also mastered the art of flawlessly breaking the house rules and vandalizing your place, the transition is pretty impressive. All these mistakes however go forgiven as our pets are the light of our lives and their furry faces just make you forget all the wrong they just caused.

Along with being the most adorable creatures, our pets can also be the weirdest at times just in the funniest way possible. Owners don’t keep back in capturing their pet’s craziest moments and today’s post is just about that! Here’s a collection of pictures of the pets shamelessly ignoring what their owners had stated and being the absolute thugs. Make sure to scroll till the end, these hooligans aren’t worth missing out on!

1. Whenever I ask him to act like normal cats

2. A very doggy meltdown

Well it seems like the global warming isn’t just melting down the glaciers

3. When you tell her you have to put the baby in the chair

Someone isn’t happy about having a sibling

4. Up for a midnight snack

5. I told her that you can’t play because you’re a cat and now I am regretting that

6. Teacher: Everyone gets an A because my dog ate all your homework.

A student’s wish

7. Treasure bud

We can’t stand other dogs playing fetch in the same park as us so we end up stealing their fetch treasure

8. He knows that smile covers up the whole mess he just created

9. Floors are for standing walls are for sitting

10. Cats are clingy, Hoomans are clingier

Can’t stand those hugs

There would be times when your cat will crave to cuddle with you throughout the day but at other times if you try being cuddly and snuggly, it’ll simply disown you for doing that. There would be times when your dog will follow you around the house with a constant wag of its tail but at other times it’ll simply give a damn where and what you do human. They’ll be extremely obedient on some days, only some days, but be outrageous on other days. This pretty much describes how moody our pets can be and they aren’t even sorry for it, another reason which makes us want to fall in love with them all over again!

11. Nah you can’t poop

One of those cat logics

12. We’ll count that as approval, that she likes the bed

13. For the love of boxes

A cat unconditionally loves a box, no matter big or small

14. Breakfast in bed

15. Homework got cat-jacked

16. The taste of perfection

17. Save me, hooman!

18. Muddle puddle

“Maizy doesn’t appreciate walking long distances.”

19. Did she just wave me hi?

20. I heard yawns were contagious, never knew smiles were too

22. Apparently she hid it

22. Corgi and the sea of watermelons

There’s always an element of cuteness no matter how mischievous or moody your furry little friends are. You’ll surely enjoy everything about them, and wouldn’t want them to change a bit. That’s what pure love is! What’s the craziest thing your pet does that makes them the gangster of the house? Do let us know in the comments section below

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