21 Pics That Prove Animals Don’t Care Where They Sleep

Animals like sleeping in the weirdest places.

I am sure we have all seen our cats sleeping in the most interesting positions. If we are were to emulate their positions, we would certainly be left with a broken spine but many animals don’t have to care about that. And that is exactly why we have so many pictures of adorable animals sleeping floating on the Internet. However, don’t worry this list is not only filled with cuteness but these pictures also prove that most animals don’t care where they sleep as long as they get their rest.

I myself have a cat and I kid you not, it is as if he finds the most unforgettable place to sleep and chooses it for his nap. Usually, it is sleeping right on my face so I can’t breathe but we are not here to talk about my cat, we are here to see some cute animals pictures. So don’t let me hold you any longer and scroll below to take a look for yourself. After all, what is more beautiful than tiny babies sleeping in someone’s shoe? Yes, we are going to ignore the fact that shoes usually don’t smell nice.

#1 Okay, those paws are adorable.

The runt of the litter likes to sleep in my hiking boot.

#2 As long as they don’t accidentally close it.

I guess you could say that this is a pup-pea…

#3 Some dogs just really like swimming pools.

#4 This is what happens if you don’t feel nauseous on water.

I have successfully grown a cat in a flower pot.

#6 How did he even get up there?

My girlfriend just found him outside sleeping like this.

#7 Is he using his tail as a pillow?

Little Danny fell asleep in his food bowl!

#8 He probably exercised a lot beforehand.

#9 Such a gorgeous kitty.

#10 Are we sure she is sleeping and not getting ready to sting?

A bumblebee asleep in our zinnias.

#11 When you never want to be too far from your food.

Honestly sleeping in weird places is second nature to many animals. Especially baby animals like to sleep in enclosed spaces so they feel safe. That is why we find them in boots or bowls. And if they trust you enough, they will feel safer falling asleep in your lap or in your hands. It honestly depends on the individual animal.

#12 This is the tiniest bunny I have ever seen.

My mom’s colleague has a litter of 5-day-old bunnies, so we went to see them, and this gorgeous baby fell asleep in my hands.

#13 At least he is warm now.

Ender the conure has found a comfy napping place.

#14 Be careful as to not overcook the puppy.

#15 My cat does this all the time.

Our baby bunny fell asleep in my girlfriend’s hands.

#16 What is up with cats sleeping in boots?

So, I put my kittens in my husband’s boots…and then they fell asleep.

#17 The goat looks so happy right there.

This baby goat fell asleep in my arms.

#18 The kitten just wanted to keep her ear warm.

My exhausted daughter fell asleep. Her kitten decided to join her.

#19 We have a cat burrito right here.

My kitten loves being wrapped up as a ’purrito.’ She’ll even fall asleep while swaddled.

#20 They will sleep anywhere.

My favorite puppy out of the litter was this little sleepy guy!

#21 The kitty might need a shower after this.

What is the weirdest place you have seen your pet sleeping? Comment down below and let us know.

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