20 Times Our Pets Crashed And Needed A Restart

Animals can be quite derpy.

What is derpy, you may ask? Well, it is when our pets start acting like there is something wrong with their brain and they are trying to fix themself. Basically, when they start acting like malfunctioning robots, it means they are acting derpy. Now, this may sound derpy, especially with the way I am describing it but it usually ends up being quite hilarious. From contorting themself in weird positions to basically pulling a weird face, one never knows what to expect.

That is why we have compiled some of the best pictures for you to take a look at. I cannot tell you what is going on in their head because I don’t think anyone knows. And while we may be used to seeing cats taking naps in weird places or contorting their body in horrific ways, you don’t usually see dogs or other animals doing the same thing. However, apparently, this sort of behavior is not only for cats.

So just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

#1 This special kitty is known as Gigio.

I think she was trying to stretch and somehow got stuck in this position.

#2 This is Stan and he somehow got in this position.

I feel like he may need some help getting upright again from the looks of it.

#3 The other kitty seems to be very hungry.

There is definitely something for them to eat behind them but this particular kitty wants to chomp on his head.

#4 What is even happening in this picture?

My spine is hurting just by taking a look at this picture.

#5 Are we sure that this is a dog and not a cat?

How does one twist their body in this way anyway?

#6 This is Buddy and he is not any normal cat.

Sometimes you just can’t understand cats no matter how hard you try.

#7 This is true love right here.

They were apparently playing and then stopped to look into the eyes of each other.

#8 This is certainly one way to sleep.

I am not a big fan of reptiles but this one does look adorable in my opinion.

#9 How did they even fit on this swing?

I think there might actually be three cats in this picture rather than two.

#10 There are easier ways to get to your food.

But they are accomplishing their goal so who are we to question their methods?

#11 This particular kitty needs a soft reset.

Sometimes you will accidentally end up breaking your kitty and the cat will need a reset.

#12 This is certainly one way to rest.

This looks to be quite anti-gravity by the looks of it.

#13 What kind of game are they even playing?

I am more interested in what the doggo behind them is doing.

#14 Is the kitty stuck?

Or is she trying to scale up the wall? Because she might need a bit more help with the latter.

#15 This is an emo dog.

Who hasn’t made this expression in the middle of the night looking out the window and just staring at the rain?

#16 ‘So where are my pets?’

This dog apparently just sits there until she gets her daily pets.

#17 The excitement on her face is adorable.

When you hear your name.

#18 When you think outside the box.

The kitty was clearly thinking about the tree in a new way that we do not understand.

#19 This is one way to get attention.

When trying to climb on the door is the only way someone will pay attention to you.

#20 This dog has achieved the impossible and caught her tail.

What are your thoughts on these pictures? Does your pet do something similar? If so, let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends so they can enjoy them as well.

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