20 Spoiled Cats Living Life Of True Kings And Queens

Alright, so what’s the deal with Cats? Why they gotta be all moody and sassy all the time? We’ve been looking for answers since a very long time now. But sadly, no luck. One of the main moods of cats that you’re gonna witness is being majestic. They know they’re here to rule and nothing more or less. Well, more is still an option but less? Uh-huh! But seriously, is that their fault? Mostly it’s us humans who spoil our kitties with love. One meow from a cat and we’re ready to give them tuna for the 4th time in a day. Didn’t happen to us when we were kids, so why now?

Honestly, spoiling our feline friends isn’t such a bad thing after all. They make us happy and we can pretty much do anything to keep them happy. Works both way, right? But now we’re wondering, they probably live a better life than us. Is that so? They’ve obviously dominated us, what else would they need!

So finally, we’ve gathered pictures of cats, that are not only spoiled but also know that whatever they can see or touch is theirs. So don’t be mad if your cat thinks your food is theirs or your spouse is theirs as well. They’re literally living the regal life right now.

Scroll below to see what absolute Kingship and Queenship is like for these cats.

1. “DIY’ed a tower for my cats from Amazon boxes. I think they enjoy it!”

They went from ruling over your house to their own castle real quick.

2. Mom: “So don’t tell dad… but [stage whisper] this pillow for Bob was €70…”

Your Kitty Highness, anything for you!

3. “Breakfast in bed for the master of the house”

Your royal banquet is here.

4. “My cat got a couch before I did.”

Well, at least one could become a couch potato and the other could just stare from afar. Hehe, that’s you!

5. “She likes to watch the garbage men, but can’t see out by herself.”

Not only a servant, but also a throne for this Queen..

6. “I made a gazebo for my cat!”

Princess of the 90’s chilling in her royal bed..

7. “After I stopped him from chewing on pencils, he decided he’d had enough of it and laid down on top of my book and pencils. “Checkmate.” – Cat.”

‘Pay zhe attention, you silly hooman!’ -This cat.

8. “The most spoiled cat on the planet is the one who meowed at me until I laid out and turned on the electric throw. And then she promptly stole my spot.”

They sure do like their comfort.

9. “When the queen demands to play with the ceiling dangles, she gets to play with the ceiling dangles.”


10. “Wife says the cat is spoiled. I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

Neither do we. Get your act together, woman!

If these cats aren’t spoiled yet then we don’t know who is. They literally have everything they need. Most domestic cats do, but you see these cats have a lot easier than others. Although we loveeee spoiling our cats (you better not lie!) but should you really? Uhhh, we don’t know. And we don’t want you to second guess yourself. So stop thinking and start scrolling. These are the commands from the royal kittens. You shall begin!

11. “Have you ever seen a more spoiled cat? We just moved into our new place and he has more toys than we have furniture.”

Cause why not?

12. “I knew the cat was spoiled, but my mom just put a spoon of red caviar into his bowl, he ‘dug’ the bowl like he was covering it up, and walked away.”

‘Who you calling a drama queen?’

13. “Spoiled cat doesn’t leave me alone until I put on her show. She really loves bird and fish shows on YouTube.”

We totally relate! Except, it’s with food for us!

14. “It’s my birthday, but my gift was for my cats. Spoiled creatures.”

The cat was generous enough to leave a gift too…in the litter box.

15. “I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time.”

Your demand is our command, remember? We talked about this dude!

16. “My boyfriend spent 3 months on an outdoor heated cat house for my guy. Hasn’t stepped into it once.”

‘Only said I liked Chinese food. Not China.’

17. “You know your cat is spoiled when he refuses to eat his food in the kitchen and will only chow down where I’m eating too.”

It’s a date for you!

18. “My cat, Indigo, sometimes jumps in the sink as an attempt to beg me to turn it on. He enjoys water out of the sink more than water out of the bowl.”

Nothing like a drink of fresh, clean water…

19. “She fell between my legs, trapping me for hours.”

In the jungle, the might jungle, the lioness sleeps tonight. Hold in till it’s awake.

20. “Today I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since.”

‘I haz a bored. Perhaps, get me new toys?’ -Newton.

21. “I stopped petting her and this is what I got.”

Just so you know, you have caused great disrespect!

Oh, Lord. 100 royal points for these cats. Cats royalty is not a new concept. They’ve been worshiped and pampered by humans since ancient times..And we’re starting to think that’s where it all started. And just like that they’ve become even more royal and guess what? We’re now their servants. Hah! But are we complaining? Not one bit. In fact, we can see we still haven’t stopped worshiping and pampering them. We might never actually. Their demand is our command. Sometimes, it’s simple as that. What do you have to say about royalty and cats? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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