20 Shameless Cats Whose Owners Could Use A Chill Pill

Have you ever wondered how dull and grey life would have looked if cats weren’t a part of our world? Having cats around is like having constant chaos around, you never know what they are up to. You let them out of your sight for five minutes and you’ll see your toilet roll ripped apart into pieces everywhere, you open the door of your house for two minutes and these fuzzies will just straight up shoot out, probably be coming back with a mouse in their mouth and the list goes on. Well, we can’t even complain about any of this because we are under their spell and we love them a little too much!

Looking at a cat you can’t really tell what is it up to. Like their mysterious nature, they have mischievous expressions which certainly makes it difficult for us to guess what they might be thinking. Cats sure are lazy but once they are up to something they make sure to execute the plan. There are some utterly crazy things you’ll find your cat doing but you’ll just laugh your anger off because these furballs are absolutely adorable!

If you are having a bad day and need a break, here’s your getaway. We have brought forward some of the most dynamic kitties who are always scheming something out, and their owners wish they had something to calm them down. Scroll down your worries with a hiss-terical laugh on how crazy these felines can be!

1. This cat will not let mommy and daddy go on a vacation without her!

“The airport security service checked us very carefully. They found our cat in our carry-on luggage. It’s good that our friends agreed to pick her up or we wouldn’t have gotten on the plane.”

2. Looks like someone went out for some grocery shopping

“My cat occasionally visits our neighbors. Today he came back with a little snack.”

3. This cat knows that the human must only work ‘UNDER’ its observations

4. She makes sure the human does nothing without her

5. Ahh, the feeling of getting caught that we are all too familiar with

6. Seems like this kitty got a prick from the cactus and then made sure to destroy it to bits

“Bob the kitten did not approve of the cactus.”

7. Not ever leaving its humans side, Litter-ally

“I’m glad I can find a way to comfort those who need it…even in these situations.”

8. I am sure you’re drinking something better human, here let me taste

“It’s always tastier this way.”

9. You gotta earn their trust, slowly and steadily.

“I think the new shelter cat we adopted is warming up to us.”

10. She doesn’t even leave out the dog food

“Dogs were whining at their food bin because they caught our new cat helping himself. Absolutely shameless!”

11. ‘I thought I’d give you company’ kind of face

You can’t ask for a single moment of peace if you’re a cat-parent, these clingy tails would accompany you wherever you go. Every animal has its language of love, these furry felines shower their love on you by sticking to you 24/7. Moreover, these purring queens think they own you and hereby rule your hearts by their cuteness.

Keep scrolling to see more of the kitty cuteness!

12. What is this Cat-titude?

13. I said I need solitude, I am working, hooman!

“Left him alone for 5 minutes…”

14. She decides to rest on the puzzle instead of her $100 comfiest bed

15. When your cat finally hears the overthinking your brain has been doing since forever

16. The thief left his paw-prints

“We’re painting the kids’ rooms this morning. This happened because — of course, it did.”

17. When your girl’s busy, she lets her cat keep an eye on you

“This is supposed to be her cat. And I can’t even play Xbox without her now!”

18. He has been watching too much mystery on Netflix, these days

“I don’t even know how he got up there.”

19. New cab driver in town, who loves playing with the Antenna

20. The last water-bender

“She likes to ’paint’ with water from her bowl.”

21. Beware of my Fangs

22. She makes that face every time she knows she’s in trouble

“When your mom turns her back and you steal the leftover corn muffins from dinner…”

Now, who would want to scold this precious piece of fur?

It’s insane how we scold our children for the smallest mistake they make but forgive these fuzzies for whatever they do, Purrhaps it’s those eyes, or those adorable ears, Nah it’s definitely the deceptive meows.

If you’re a cat person whose cat needs a chill pill too, do let us know in the comments section below!

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