20 Pictures That Prove Cats Have The Most Adorable “Teefies” Ever

Why do we never pay attention to cats’ teeth?

I mean there are subreddits dedicated to their claws, paws, nose, and everything else but not many people talk about their teeth. I honestly don’t understand this since they actually have adorable teeth. Sure, they might use their teeth to bite you most of the time but usually, they keep their fangs to themselves. And that is exactly why we wanted to pay homage to that. I think not enough people talk about cat teeth so we are here to change that.

If you have ever found your cat adorable when he is trying to bite your hands off, then you have come to the right place. Because my cat loves to do the same thing but it is so cute to see him try so hard while wanting to eat my fingers but always failing and then giving up with a huff. And you will get that exact feeling when you take a look at what these cats have to offer. However, I have to warn you about the sharp objects that are in this. So scroll below to take a look.

#1 When you are trying to groom yourself but some hair gets stuck in your teeth.

#2 The kitty does not look too happy with his portrait.

#3 Those tiny teeth look oddly human and that is weirding me out.

#4 When you need to keep your teeth in a retainer.

#5 This kitty wanted to do a surprise attack and failed miserably.

#6 This photo was taken at the perfect moment.

#7 Are we sure those aren’t fake teeth? Because they look mighty sharp.

#8 When you get tired easily while traveling.

#9 This is a very dangerous game of peek-a-boo.

#10 It seems the teeth are growing in for this little baby.

Honestly, cat teeth are an enigma. Did you know that cats don’t actually use their fangs for eating and that they are mostly used when they are grooming themselves? Not only that but cat teeth are also made for mainly eating meat and that is why they are called carnivores. There is also the fact that cats can’t move their mouth from side to side like humans and they can only move their jaws up and down which just makes it even more surprising.

#11 This kitty does not look ready for that picture.

#12 Some cats like to sharpen their teeth on boxes.

#13 This kitty is not happy with her hooman right now.

#14 Why is this kitty angry? I do not know and I wouldn’t want to be in her hooman’s place.

#15 I feel like this kitty needs braces.

#16 Honestly, which cat owner doesn’t have bite marks on their hands?

#17 Not everyone likes flowers, apparently.

#18 This kitty never wants the scratches to stop.

#19 Just look at the satisfied smile on that face!

#20 While this does look adorable, it is also very dangerous.

Is your kitty a biter or does she not use her teeth at all? Comment down below to let us know as we always love to hear from you. Also, why not share these images with your friends who love cats so they can enjoy some tiny cat teeth as well.

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