20 People Realized That Having More Than One Cat In Your Home Is Amazing

Three is a crowd.

That is what people say right? Well, that does not hold true when we are talking about cats. I mean the more the merrier definitely applies here. Sure, people may call you the crazy cat person if you have more than two cats but who cares what other people think when you have a kingdom of cats at your beck and call? I don’t know about you but that sounds like heaven to me. And it seems many people will agree with me on that.

At least it holds true for the following people who made the best decision of their life when they adopted more than one cat. While you might have to take care of a lot more messes, it is however totally worth it to hear cats meowing all around you. You can see the reasons why adopting more than one cat is so great for yourself by scrolling below. These pictures have all that you need to make up your mind.

#1 ‘Did you not bring us meat?’

I went to the car to grab some bags and when I returned, I saw them. They tore the bag with lettuce looking for meat.

#2 When you get caught red-handed.

My dad set the tools down for 30 seconds and they immediately went to steal them.

#3 These cats are probably checking the plumbing.

#4 Siblings being mean to each other means they love them.

#5 I would love to know when this album drops.

My cats look like they’re posing for the cover of a music album. So I made one for them.

#6 Christmas trees and cats just don’t mix.

#7 Do cats like to be squished under feet?

I’m so glad I turned the lights on before heading down the stairs.

#8 Not everyone is a big fan of cuddling.

My gray and white cat loves to snuggle and the other one (Pepper) doesn’t like it very much. But the first guy couldn’t care less.

#9 Some cats just won’t leave you alone.

#10 Two cats watching the sunset? Adorable.

It is actually a good thing to have more than one cat at your home. Not only will your cat require less attention from you since they will have a friend to play with but you will also be way too busy to think of any dark thoughts. And we all know pets can help tremendously when it comes to mental illness so this is actually a great idea.

#11 The cat looks done with it all from the looks of it.

Our cat hates everything and everyone, especially her daughter — the one sitting on top. My abs already hurt from laughing when I look at her face.

#12 These kittens are proud of their handiwork.

#13 Cats don’t always get along.

#14 There is always one.

#15 ‘Can you hurry up so we can eat?’

3 kings and their princess watching me wash the dishes.

#16 I understand wanting to be close to food.

#17 At least the kitten likes being squished.

#18 Cats playing with each other is the most adorable thing ever.

#19 If she can’t win, she won’t let anyone play either.

#20 ‘What do you mean!?’

Trying to explain to my cats that they won’t get mac and cheese because they’re lactose intolerant.

How many cats do you have? Or do you think one cat is enough for you? Comment down below and let us know.

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