20 Extremely Clingy Animals Who Have No Clue What “Personal Space” Means

If you’re thinking of staying a bachelor to relax a bit and just getting a pet to be in peace, you are greatly mistaken. Owning a pet is like giving up on your personal space because that word doesn’t exist for our fuzzies. They want you in their sight all the time, now that’s something really cute but might get annoying for a while. However, considering the love that our pets shower on us, we can surely forgive them for being extra clingy at times.

At times, humans become so ungrateful. First, they decide to get a pet to get rid of their loneliness but then they complain about their pet being extra gluey. There is no doubt that the bond between a person and his pet is exemplary, there might be a mutual disagreement over a few things such as privacy but otherwise, it’s something to adore. Here’s a compilation of some tackiest pets who just cannot live without their owners, hereby refuse to give their person any kind of personal space.

If you’re waiting to have some daily dose of cuteness, here’s your spoonful for sure! Scroll away all your worries by looking at these pictures which are the true depiction of how owners and pets adore each other with all their hearts.

There’s an extra treat for your eyes at the end, make sure to go till the end…

1. Cat pillow >>>>> personal space

Who would want to feel this heavenly warmth

2. My cat and I, we both are omnivores

“I left the groceries for ONE MINUTE and he took a bite out of every single tortilla.”

3. What? I was just giving him a massage

4. Apparently my cat can’t even let my dog have any privacy too

5. Putting up an extra lock just so my cat mommy doesn’t leave me alone

“Our cat actually fell asleep like this, with his mouth fully around my daughter’s arm and his claws dug in. If she moved, he woke briefly tighten his grip.”

6. Hooman, you can’t sleep alone not under my watch

The perfect cat stool

7. Mom is the fluffiest

8. I is sad, I need support

“My dog’s face, because my mom yelled at her for eating everything in the trash…”

9. He is trying to get used to the distributed attention

10. But you said we’ll share

11. You forgot the rules human? no office clothes in the bed

“I laid on the bed with my clothes on and was immediately captured.”

12. What? I was the first child I have the right to sit in this chair

13. All I want for Christmas is you

14. The cake is too good, let me have some more

15. The doggo must have been really pissed at you for not giving him the attention

“I’ve been saving up for a Switch for a couple of months now. I finally got it last week and found this in my dog’s mouth this morning.”

16. Cold nights and warm baths

17. She knew exactly how to wake her up

18. Who wants a bed you have a floofy doggo sibling

19. Caught red apple

20. When the cheesecake is too yummy to resist

Bonus: I got my dog a cake accurately explaining his habits, and he is the happiest

Are you struggling to have your personal space too? That’s okay nothing can make your heart warmer than some smoochy hugs from your pet. This bond is so precious let’s value it, our pets might be a little extra sticky but that’s just their way of making us happier. They consider us as their safe haven and hereby love staying close to us.

We’d love to hear your pet’s story of invading your personal space in the comment section below, that might make someone’s day a little better!

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