20 Before And After Pictures Of Pets That Look Even More Adorable As Adults

The bigger the better.

It is commonly known that every animal looks more beautiful and pleasing as a baby, be it a kitten or a puppy. It is a universal fact. Their childhood is not for a long period of time. People usually admire babies more than adult grown animals. This is understandable because babies are absolutely cuter than adults but it is kind of unfair. Adult animals are very much underrated and it is sad. I think both stages of life are beautiful in their own way. Animals deserve love regardless of their age

Adult animals may seem more attractive too as it shows the real beauty and actual appearance of the animals. We bring you 20 pictures as proof for you to believe that adult animals are just as charming, if not more, as when they were babies. Keep scrolling to change your mind.

1. Hand scale for measuring purposes.

2. He was so small!

3. He can not fit into his litter box anymore.

4.“From a little fluffy boy to a curious cat!”

5.“My boyfriend insisted that getting a dog was a bad idea. On the left is day 1, and on the right is the nonsense he lets her get away with now, 2 years later.”

6.“And now he can’t fit on that shelf.”

7.“Same door, same dog”

8. A charming doggo.

9. Three years later.

10.“A year later and 12 pounds heavier — it’s still Dobby’s favorite toy.”

When we own a pet as a baby we always gush at how adorable and cute they are. We never want them to grow up in fear of them losing their cuteness and their childish, innocent behavior. We never want them to lose that, we want to freeze time so they always stay cute the same way. But unfortunately, it is impossible. They will grow out of their childish innocence and cuteness one day. Luckily for us, they will always be our babies and they will always be beautiful to us no matter what. Fortunately enough, even when they lose the cuteness when they grow up, they become charming and adorable adult animals. Which is just as amazing. Keep scrolling, we have more before and after pictures for you.

11.“8 weeks vs 5.5 years later and she’s still my little munchkin.”

12.“Our first Christmas together vs our fourteenth Christmas together!”

13.“An impressive difference!”

14.“He still looks like a toy 1 year later but a bit angrier…”

15.“My Great Dane puppy one year difference”

16.“Wiggles and me 13+ years later!”

17.“Here’s my cat 2 years later.”

18.“I found my cat’s old photos on my PC and decided to share this comparison.”

19.“I knew I’d want to compare these photos!”

20. One year’s difference.

Each picture had a story of its own. Each picture was unique and super cute. You will need this type of wholesome content on a daily basis. These before and after pictures reminded me of my pets when they were incredibly cute babies. I miss their childhood but I love their adulthood more. If you love this type of content, let us know. What was the first pet you ever owned? Tell us in the comments down below.

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