18 Photos That Prove Nothing Can Make You Smile Faster Than Pets And Their Weird Antics

Our beloved pets know exactly how to melt our hearts.

It is no lie that our pets make us the happiest, they know exactly what to do that would cheer us up. It is really impossible to stay sad in our pet’s company. Some really know how to cure their owner’s depression. It is even scientifically proven and we all know how therapeutic cats are, dogs are even more joyous creatures.

They have their own specific tricks and antics to get our attention and affection, they also definitely know how to give love too. They do some weird things that might be strange to others but they are the cutest creatures on the planet for their owners and most valuable too. Keep on scrolling down to see these pets doing cute things…

1. Have you ever seen a dog do yoga? How adorable is this little baby!

2. Oh, she looks so proud of herself.

3. “He makes this face every time I ask him if he wants to go for a walk.”

4. Oh, my God! Such a cutie.

5. The silence before the storm.

6. “He fell asleep looking out the window this morning.”

7. Does not look comfortable to me. Man, cats are such weirdos sometimes…

8. “I splishy splashy. Am I in trouble?”

9. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this?”

I really wonder sometimes, is my cat the only weird one out there or is it normal in cats to do such things. Seeing these cats doing the same adorably strange things that my cat does gives me assurance and makes me feel delightful, glad to know he is not possessed by a demon. These pets are the cutest babies ever, I am sure they make it difficult for their owners to leave their side for even a few minutes. I would want to spend the rest of my life sitting and watching my pets do these innocent and cute things that always make me fall more in love with them. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these cute babies…

10. “My dog after spilling water on my bed.”

11. Is he alright? Is this dog broken or something?

12. “Last week we picked up Sam, our newest addition to the family. This was his first nap in his new house.”

13. “Jack thought that if he stayed still, we wouldn’t notice him sitting in the stockpot. He was wrong.”

14. Now, this is a cool mask, SpiderCat.

15. “This seems like a good place for Laurie to chill (Fry is in the background).”

16. “I do remember I am a dog!”

17. “I’m cat-sitting this guy and I think he broke?”

18. “My dad sent me this picture of his cats.”

Aww, they are so adorable and calm. This image really makes me feel so good, I just love cats and everything they do. These sleeping beauties are my favorites out of all of them. Which pet do you find the cutest? Let us know in the comments down below…

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