17 Naughty Cats Show Their Humans Who’s The Boss In The House

If you have a cat, you are not the boss of the house anymore. And we know your cat might also never miss any chance of proving it. No matter how cute and innocent these furry creators look, just don’t fall for the facade because from inside, they are constantly planning their next move to get your attention. If you give them attention, it’s great. But if not, get ready to see the real tantrum. (After all, why should dogs have all the fun?)

Whether it’s breaking things, sitting on your face, fighting with other pets, or not eating; there is no end to their tantrums. But hopefully, you are not alone. There are so many Reddit users who also have cats and have shared the pictures to show how it is to live with cats. Scroll down.

1. “If you don’t nap with Sammy, you don’t nap at all.”

2. “I accidentally woke him up by rearranging my legs.”

3. “When she demands attention”

4. “Countless places to nap outside in the shade and this is where my cat chooses to get comfortable…”

5. “It’s my turn to play, human.”

6. “They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.”

7. “Because who needs personal space…or the ability to breathe?”

8. “This ‘no-spill bowl’ was a challenge apparently.”

9. “Want to do this puzzle, human? Not today.”

10. “Wanted a photo with the kittens — this is what I got.”

11. “The shower curtain was like this already!”

12. “Yes, this is a good place to sit.”

13. “Come on, pick me up!”

14. “She judges from above.”

15. “My black and white tabby sits on my calico until she gives up their fave spot on my desk.”

16. “Oh well, brushing your teeth is overrated anyway.”

17. “Every time I try to leave the house…”

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