17 Cats Pics That Prove Cats Live Life On Their Own Terms

Cats can definitely be some of the most amazing pets to have.

They’re adorable, well-mannered (usually) and don’t make much of a mess. They will give you the love that you want without invading your personal space at all times. If you are a proud cat owner, you’ll be able to relate to most of these photos and maybe add your own opinions too!

Our little beloved floofballs can definitely be a bit stubborn though. They have a mind of their own and may want their own way no matter at what cost! They know exactly what to do to get their hoomans to treat them like the royalty they are. These quirky cattos will end up in some… compromising situations to prove that they will not budge unless they get their way!

They truly know how to turn your home into their own home and remind you of who the boss is whenever they want! And let’s face it, we’ve all spoiled our kittens more than once for sure! Whatever the case is, these cats will brighten up your day, so start scrolling!

1. Wow, I’m fabulous!

2. How do I get down from here…

3. This is a bit of a squeeze…

Not the most comfortable, but it’ll do

4. Never leaving this box

5. Digging my new hat

6. Got me in a bit of a tangle again!

I didn’t really think this through…

7. What are you gonna do about it?

8. New nap spot

These cats are living life on their own terms and no one can tell them otherwise! They are fearless, love to live on the edge, and will never give up on their absurd antics! Whatever the situation is, they manage to get themselves into some tight spots (literally), but they know their hooman will bail them out!

9. Must get the pretty light!

I want it, I got it.

10. One track mind…

11. Why did I let my butt get so big??

12. Mommy, I want a makeover

This is MY closet now

13. I’m fluffier than any bread basket

14. You’ll never get to the flour!

15. Perfect day for a stroll around the block

He just wants to join his friends!

16. Love me, hooman!

17. The only priority mail you need!

After going through these pictures, we know you’ll be laughing, relating, and shaking your head at the same time! No matter what silly thing your furballs are up to next, you know you’ll still love them and give them exactly what they ask for!

They rule your heart and no matter how much havoc they wreak, they’ll always hold your heart in their little paws. Drop a comment below about which photo was your favourite and tell us some crazy cat stories of your own! We’re dying to hear them!

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