17 Adorable Animals Who Have Their Own Way Of Showing Love For Their Humans

When a pet starts sleeping in your lap or in your arms, it means they have started trusting you.

Animals are adorable and full of love but they would not just run to anyone and hug or sleep in their arms. It takes them a good time to trust their owners. With time, they start developing emotions for their humans and they like to display their emotions in their own way. They could either hug you, kiss you, sleep on your lap or maybe they would start looking in your eyes with love. Animals are just adorable and have so much love for their owners. We are sure, you also love animals so we have made a list of 17 adorable animals who have found their own way of showing love for their owners. So, without further ado, let’s start the list.

1. “My wife is three weeks away from her due date and our cats love snuggling her belly.”

Mama, let me give some hugs to the new baby.

2. “UPDATE: For everyone asking about the other cat snugging my wife’s pregnant belly, here he is. He was rubbing his face on her belly all evening. (Went to the doctor today, the baby could arrive any day now!)”

Cat: Human, let me provide all the love he deserves.

3. “This is how my wife and our cat sleep every night….”

How cute is this!

4. “My brothers dog when I was going home.”

Seems like he is in love with you. Boop the snoot.

5. “This is how my cat sleeps on me, found her 2 weeks ago.”

Just two weeks and how comfortable she is sleeping with you.

6. “Just picked up my dog after he had a sleepover at a friend’s house. I think he missed me.”

Dog: Mommy, I missed your face so much.

7. “Me and my baby boy on the first night we ever met and now 12 years later. Haven’t missed a single night snuggling to sleep while at home with him, not once”

Growing together, sleeping together.

8. “So I got one of these Oodie things and apparently, my dog assumes this is how we wear it.”

Doggo: Human, we both can fit into these.

9. “I wasn’t petting him so he’s hugging my arm.”

Cat: Human, if you can’t pet me, I know how to get your attention. Once your pet is in love with you, you can’t say no to them. Whether you give them attention or not, they would take it from you. You are working on your laptop, they would come and sit on your laptop, you are using your phone. They would come and sit on your face to get your attention. Our furry friends are snuggable. They know when their human is pregnant. They would curl around their mama’s belly and make sure the baby is fine. And when the baby arrives, no one can be a better babysitter than them. That’s their way of showing love and we are grateful for having them in our lives. May our pets live a healthy life in their forever homes. Scroll down for more!

10. “The way my puppy looks at me as soon as I wake up makes my heart melt”

That’s the face we all need to see in the morning.

11. “We adopted this cute boy and for the past couple weeks he has been SUPER shy. Today for the first time he plopped in my lap an did this “

12. “Whenever I read something in the couch, I forfeit the ownership of my right arm.”

Doggo: Daddy, are you reading me bedtime stories?

13. “I love when my foster kittens finally feel safe enough to fall asleep in my arms”

Kittens are the cutest when they fall asleep in your arms.

14. “This is what I wake up to every morning”

Doggo: Human, why do you wake up so late?

15. “My parent’s cat, Ted, having a cuddly sleep on my Dad.”

Ted likes to be treated like a baby.

16. “This is spark. Every time I lay on my back he sits on my chest.”

17. “Find somebody who looks at you the way my dog looks at me”

If someone starts looking at me the way this doggo is looking at the girl, I will instantly fall in love with them. Does your pet show how much he/she loves you? If yes, share adorable photos of your pets with us in the comment section down below.

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