16 Pictures Of Independent Cats That Don’t Need Us To Pay For Their Needs

What if cats could get jobs?

The question is not hypothetical anymore because it turns out, they can get jobs and will usually earn more than many humans combined. And there is a reason for that. I mean who wouldn’t pay an insurmountable amount of money to give these little buggers toys and treat when they look so darn cute! They don’t even have to do anything! They can just sit there and look pretty while customers flock to the shop.

I mean cat cafes and such do work really well and the owners make a lot of money this way so here is the proof behind this theory. And it seems lots of businesses are employing this theory and making it work for themselves while also employing cats who need a job. You can scroll below and see some kitties working hard at their intended position yourself.

#1 Those big eyes can melt anyone heart.

This is the beauty Mia, and she donates blood to help other cats. This time, she received wet food, a tiny piece of ice cream and a whole basket of toys as payment

#2 He doesn’t need a resume with a glare like that!

He lied on his resume but got the job anyway.

#3 When you take a nap after a hard day at work.

#4 ‘So do you like pop, rock or the classics?

This is little Kim. She works at our local music store and welcomes every customer.

#5 Her fur does make for a very luxurious background.

#6 ‘These are my watermelons, don’t touch them!’

#7 He said so himself, he is the boss!

#8 Some kitties like neat and clean things.

Cats are great at many things. If you have a rat infestation then leave it to a cat to get rid of it. They can also be great at making a mess when you are tired of your tidy environment. Not only that but they are excellent climbers which can mean extra exercise for you to get the kitty down.

#9 He definitely deserves the rank.

Chivas is a cat-firefighter from Kiev, who has the rank of major, uniform, and a sleeping place in a paper tray in the chief’s office.

#10 And this is how you get a job!

This cat wandered around the hospital for a year, and in the end he was hired as a security guard.

#11 The other kitty needs a job as well.

#12 All flower shops need cats.

The cat my boyfriend found at work now works in a flower shop with my mom.

#13 ‘Can’t you see that I am working?’

Come on Tuesday, your dress is not ready yet.

#14 This is the main star of the Sabrina TV show.

#15 Hopefully Narco doesn’t steal the pills.

#16 I need a cat doctor as well.

Would you ever hire a cat? or are they too lazy for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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