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15 Pics That Prove Living With a Cat Is Better Than Watching An Oscar-Winning Comedy

Your cat basically makes you feel every single emotion for all the right reasons. It’s true what they say; ask every cat owner in the world, and they’ll confirm that cats have no respect for human will; they make their own decisions from the moment they’re adopted. Cats differ slightly from typical pets like dogs. Dogs follow their owners’ movements, and concessions are occasionally made by both sides in order to reach an understanding. And we act in the same way toward people. Cats, on the other hand, have a very distinct and autonomous personality. They are autonomous beings who like acting in certain ways. Just quit asking yourself why cats frequently behave in a certain way. Their actions are frequently difficult to comprehend. They allow you to pet them for a brief period of time before biting and scratching you. They drift off to sleep without incident, only to suddenly get up.

Here at defused, we are cat lovers. For this reason, we have gathered pictures of specific cats who add excitement and unpredictability to their owners’ lives. Scroll down below to have a dose of entertainment.

1. “I’m going to become a father soon. Is everything right here?”

2. “My mom sent me a photo. Her cat loves lying on the vibrating washing machine as if it’s some kind of massage.”

3. “Cosmo was acting weird by spending all his time in the sink. Went to the vet. The vet says he’s fine and is in the sink constantly because ’he’s a cat.’”

4. “6 of my kitties on the back of my couch”



7. “I heard my cat making strange noises in the bathroom, I came in to see this.”

8. Of all the places, the cat decided to sit here

9. What a great way to hold a cat!

10. “He just stands like this. It’s scary.”

11. “He likes to huff the wrapper from my mint chocolate candy (there is no chocolate left in there, he just likes anything that smells like mint).”

12. “This is Gus’s favorite plant. He specifically seeks it out every time we hang out in the garden.”

13. The cat could not digest that the baby is getting all the attention

14. “Found my cat’s hidey holes under the oven.”

15. “Whenever we turn a fan or air filter on, our little girl goes and sits right in front of it and makes her ’fan face.’”

I really hope this compilation turned up your mood better. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Keep coming back to us for more.

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