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15 Overdramatic Cats Who Can Also Be Called Expression Queens

15 Overdramatic Cats Who Can Also Be Called Expression Queens

There’s no doubt that cats are feisty, adorable, dramatic, and curious animals. Their independent and mischievous nature (combined with some seriously funny quirks) keeps their owners on their toes constantly. Cats are chock full of cute characteristics that make humans want to take care of them.

There are many reasons why people love cats, not just because they are some cute little cinnamon rolls, they are also funny as hell, especially in their overdramatic moments.

Whether it has been their nature or not, most cats have a pretty big ego and will take everything personally and emotionally all of a sudden, even though the situation is not that serious. All of that results in hilarious expressions, sometimes meowing their vocal cords out.

They are blessed with such good expressions that sometimes we think of awarding them with an Oscar. Their expressions are so natural and hilarious that they can make anyone laugh in fits. They have all the drama in their lives. They will act crazy over nothing and when you will catch them making a mess, they will act as if they have done nothing. When you ask them to scoot over because they are taking all of the space on your bed, they will act like it is the end of the world. We live for that kind of drama and it is always hilarious to watch their reactions in situations like these.

Scroll down below to watch 15 overdramatic cats that are just hilarious.

1. What’s going on here?

2. Every online relation ever.

3. Every person ever.

4. It’s revenge time.

5. Let them have fun.

6. Think again.

7. Annoyed and irritated.

8. No, why did you pick me?

9. Don’t you dare.

10. The saddest moment.

If it were humans that were this dramatic, they would just piss us off. But since these are cats, we have no problems with them. They actually look hilarious or cute instead. Anything a cat does is adorable. It is like they get a free pass for anything. You still have some more dramatic cats left to see. Scroll down below to enjoy:

11. I don’t knowwww……

12. Fluffy baby enjoying some comfy time.

13. A fetch champ.

14. Cranky mornings.

15. We all have been there, little kitty.

If your cats too is dramatic and you have some pictures or anything else to share with us do share it in the comment box below

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