15 Heartwarming Stories Of People Who Went The Extra Mile To Save Animals

Treat animals with kindness and rescue the abused ones. They deserve to be loved the most.

Why do people always go for cute-looking animals? Why don’t they adopt and love the animals who have been abused? Isn’t it our responsibility to take care of the abused animals? Blind animals, the ones with burns, deaf animals and the ones without ears or eyes, all of them are cute and deserve to be loved. If you ever see an animal being kicked or tortured, please stand up for them. They can’t save themselves but you can. Be their hope, be their heroes. The only way to judge how good or bad a person is by the way they treat animals. It tells a lot about them.

Today, we have compiled 15 heartwarming stories of people who went out of their way to rescue innocent animals. Scroll down, we are sure they will touch your heart.

1. Mom helped the homeless spaniel dog covered in dreadlocks on the cold days.

“There was a spaniel roaming, for several months, around the only market in my town, starting from summer to the first cold days. He was covered in dreadlocks, which made it hard for him to move around.

My mom decided to help him: we took the dog, tried to cut off those dreadlocks by ourselves, but we couldn’t since there was a big risk that we might cut his skin. It seemed his mats of hair had grown into his skin. We took the dog to a groomer who broke several tools when trying to cut the dreadlocks off, but who also later gave us a discount because we were helping this homeless dog. The dog turned out to have a really charming look, and the groomer even sprayed him with some special dog perfume.

Later when we were walking with him, everyone around us kept admiring him and asking, “Where did you get such a handsome dog?” From the very place where 90% of the town residents saw him and did nothing.”

2. This girl saved a Yorkshire Terrier puppy who was getting abused by two teenagers. She rescued him, named him “Pirate” and now this small puppy lives with her bigger puppy.

“I am an avid coffee-drinker. Once, in between my college classes, I went to a coffee-kiosk. With my peripheral vision, I noticed 2 teenagers kicking something like a hat or a mitten. “These people have nothing to do: they’re in no hurry to get to class or to work,” I thought and turned around. At this moment, the “mitten” squeaked! I turned back and realized it was either a puppy or a kitten. I can’t stand when people abuse animals, especially little ones.

Me: “Why are you torturing this animal?”
Hooligans: “You can go where you were going!”
Me: “Why are you kicking that animal? What if I kick you?”
Hooligans: “Who? You?” and I got strongly pushed on my shoulder.

It was daytime in the central street of the city, people were rushing around in their own little worlds, and these 2 morons found entertainment that no one was seemed to care about. Except for me who had actually grown up among boys and could defend myself. I got the first punch to my ear, from the smaller boy, which made my hat fall off. That’s when I stopped being polite and hit the offender back. Then the second guy gave me a gut punch.

I don’t know what the end of this story would’ve been like if a large-statured man didn’t come to help me. The teenagers ran away and the man helped me get up. At this moment, the “mitten” started to whine in a pile of snow. It turned out to be a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

I brought the puppy back to class while hiding him under my jacket. I washed him in the toilet and wrapped it in my blouse. In the corridor, many of the other students gathered around me and you know what impressed me most of all? Their phrases varied from: “Yeah, I saw someone kicking this pup.” to “Was it him who was being kicked?” to “Turns out, he is a good breed, I thought they were kicking a mutt.” to “Can I take him home?”

The vet said he had worms, several breaks in his tail, and mucosal inflammation. He was approximately 2 months old. So we started to treat him.

This small “mitten” was given the name “Pirate.” He is one month younger than my other bigger pup. He is a little and courageous dog. You know, I actually don’t like small dogs, but Pirate is a big and fearless dog who accidentally happened to be born into a small mitten-like body.”

3. This man helps homeless animals and brings them back to life.

“I help homeless animals. People adopt sweet, charming, well-groomed animals right away. But of course, animals that have endured severe trauma don’t look that cute. That’s how they end up staying with me for living. I am happy my finances allow me to keep this army. Now when I come home, the following cats meet me: a cat with one eye, a cat without ears, 2 3-legged cats, a blind cat, a cat with almost no fur (her body has burns), and one in a wheelchair. They are the most loving and the most gorgeous animals to me!”

4. This 10-year-old boy was surprised on his birthday with a cat from the shelter.

“Surprised my 10-year-old today on his birthday by letting him bring home a cat from the shelter. His cat was extremely shy and timid. When asked why he picked that cat he said: “I don’t know, he just seemed so special.”

5. They saved these baby squirrels who were going to be the breakfast for cats and dogs.

“One was about to be dinner for some cats – and the other was about to be breakfast for a dog. We saved some baby, tiny, super small squirrels! They’re too small to return back home without threats from other animals; help!!”

6. Mom went to the shelter and asked “who wants to be my cat?”.

“My mama went into the shelter and yelled, “Who wants to be my cat!?” And Gomez the Siamese was the only one who meowed like crazy. He was with us for 9 years. He was my childhood kitty and I will always remember him.”

7. Mom saved two tiny kittens who were put into a plastic bag and thrown in the garbage.

“We live in a private house in the suburbs of our city. Yesterday my kids and I went to throw out the garbage. When we were on our way back, our neighbor asked us:

— Did you see the kittens in there?
— Nope, where?
— They are tied in a plastic bag. I heard them squeaking and tore the bag.

We went back to the garbage bin, found the bag and started to think about what to do. My kids asked, “Mom, why did someone do this to them?” How can someone put 2 innocent creatures into a plastic bag and throw them to the garbage bin like unnecessary trash or leftovers? I don’t know what happened to humans, but I myself couldn’t answer my kids’ question.

I breed chicks and my husband jokingly calls me the “chicks’ mom.” Now I am also the “kittens’ mom.”

8. This man who was suffering from nightmares rescued a cat, the cat sleeps on his head and he stopped having nightmares.

“I suffered from nightmares for a long time and I didn’t know how to stop them. Recently I found a cat. I washed him, treated his injured paws, and kept him with me. The cat is black and fluffy with green eyes, but he has a stern character. He hates everyone and mostly hisses at them — I’m the only one who can pet him. Also, he only sleeps with me — right on my head. He lies around my head like a hat and the most surprising thing is that I stopped having nightmares. My loved ones keep laughing at us but I now have a real live dreamcatcher.”

9. The woman who makes cat shelters for cats:

“We have a lot of cats in our neighborhood. So my wife makes a lot of cat shelters out of coolers in the winter so they don’t freeze.”

10. “My friend adopted this sweet baby and I think you all needed to see it”

11. Abigail was found in freezing temperature and was rescued.

“Our kitty was found under a porch in a snow storm! She was pretty frozen. We touched her eye and she didn’t blink or back away. A year later, she goes crazy for the snow! My boyfriend had a cat that passed away. She looked just like him! She’s been the perfect fit for our little family! Best kitty ever!”

12. That’s how you make a newly adopted cat comfortable:

“My gf just adopted this cat who was having trouble fitting in. So she just laid there and slept with him.”

13. “Today I started crying at the animal shelter because one cat hugged me and nuzzled into my neck”

14. “Two days ago was national black cat day, and I heard that many black cats go unadopted. I’m not a cat person, but my wife and I adopted this gorgeous 7 year old as our first cat. Say hello to Binx!”

15. “Pavel Abramov, a 9-year-old boy from Russia, draws animal portraits and exchanges them for medicine and food for shelter animals. A little human with a big and kind heart.”

We are sure these heartwarming stories must have made you emotional. Have you ever rescued an animal? How do you like helping animals? Share your story with us in the comments section down below!

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