15 Cats pictures that have been clicked at the perfect moment by the Owners

15 Cats pictures that have been clicked at the perfect moment by the Owners

If you’re a cat lover like we are at Whiskers to Tails Pet sitting, you’ve probably been known to throw around a few cat puns here and there – or whenever you possibly can. We thought we’d have a little fun with this and develop a comprehensive list of the most purr-fect cat pictures. The thing in the picture that should be appreciated is the timing and the owner who has clicked the picture. Just scroll down and have a look at the pictures clicked at the perfect time.

1. Can a black cat be more beautiful than this cutie ?

2. Love without conditions and expectations!


Dr. Jo Lewis, the author of What’s my cat thinking? was asked why are humans so enamored with these cute creatures? Upon which she responded “I think for me personally, cats seem to connect with my soul,”

“It’s not all about how they look, although as a lifelong cat lover and feline expert vet, I naturally think all cats are visual masterpieces and the epitome of cuteness. But more importantly for me, it’s about their physical and spiritual presence in the home and how they interact with me and the world around them,” she added.

Dr. Lewis also stated, “when they’re curled up with you and then they look into your eyes and either snuggle into an even tighter ball or reach out a soft paw to gently touch your face — having seemingly made a conscious choice to retract those killer claws and opt for tenderness.”

3. When you are too tired after a workout session.

4. A purr-fect vampire doesn’t exist!

Whenever inquired as to why individuals observe their appearance so engaging, she answered that, partially, it involves individual inclination and taste. It ends up, however, that there is something essentially more compound continuing “We feline scientists believe that pet cats share a lot of the same visually appealing features as infants of our own species.”

According to the findings, cats are the same size and weight as a human newborn, and they have small faces with big foreheads and bright, forward-facing eyes. “Of course, both babies and cats are soft to the touch — fur (only ever of the faux kind of course!) must be a desirable tactile texture given its appeal across the fashion, interior design and cuddly toy industries.”

5. Cats with talent. 2 Cats making a perfect heart.

6. Perfectly gorgeous two-faced kitty!

According to the expert vet, people are drawn to sweet animal features because they make them want to care for and protect them in the same way we care for our own children. “People get such pleasure from providing for their cat’s needs too,” she added. “Whether it’s their ‘cute’ faces or appealing meows and purrs, spending time with cats can have a powerful impact on our stress levels.”

“Science has shown that it even improves the carefulness and steadiness of our muscle control and movements (presumably to ensure we don’t drop that baby).” So Dr. Lewis believes that people with cats often call them fur babies and refer to themselves as cat mom or cat daddy.

7. Why is this baby sad?

8. She really can steal your heart with her beauty.

9. Aw! just want to hold this kitty to make everything perfect for this baby.


Our love for cats is more than just how cute they look. “Both human infants and cats let us know when they need something by letting out audible, high-pitched cries (or meows) that research shows measure at a very similar frequency. Pet cats have even purrfected their vocal repertoire to the degree that it has a more endearing tone to the human ear than the calls of their wildcat ancestors. Once you deliver what a meowing cat is after, you’ve essentially rewarded them and hence trained them to do it again!”

10. There can not be anything beautiful than this picture.

11. Don’t see me hooman!

12. Eh! you might want to adopt this baby after watching these pictures…

The rescue wanted to take pictures of the foster kitten in order to find her a new home.

One of the biggest mysteries of this world is Cat’s logic. Dr.She stated that she has devoted her career and life to helping people understand cats. “They are usually trying to tell us something far more significant than ‘hey, I’m so cute!’”

“We have to be careful we don’t misinterpret what are actually important clues about their health and wellbeing,” she continued. “More often than not, behaviors that we label as ‘cute’ … are a clue to how they’re feeling in that moment. They might be hungry, but they may also have learned to enjoy the attention or food that you lavish on them when they do that particular ‘cute’ thing and simply want more of the same. But they might equally be signaling that you could be doing a lot more to better meet their needs.”

13. A kitty with a perfect crown!


14. It’s the smiles of these babies that makes our heart skip a beat.

15. Hope this rainbow kitty brings joy and bright colors to your life.


According to Dr. Lewis, these cat behaviors are appealing because of the cat’s basic survival instincts, illness, or pharmaceutical side effects. “She might have an artificially increased appetite from illnesses like an overactive thyroid, diabetes, or medications like steroids.”

Sometimes their behavior is not related to food at all. “They might simply need some attention, the chance to interact with you more and this is the first opportunity that day when you’ve been home and sat in one spot.” So if you assume they’re just acting cute, “you could be missing out on diagnosing and treating an illness, or be overlooking an opportunity to understand them better.”


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