14 Hilarious Photos Featuring Weirdo Cats

The weirder they get, the more we fall in love with them!

Hello to all the cat owners! We are back again with cat snaps that will bring a smile to your face. Well, that’s what cats are for. They would make you happy with whatever they will do. Cats are the cutest weirdos we don’t mind. From sitting in the most unexpected spots to being overprotective about their humans, cats continue to get weirder and we continue to love them. These furry felines have a different place in our hearts and no one can take their place ever. Today, we have an adorable compilation of 14 weirdo cats that will surely make you laugh. Scroll down and enjoy, cat lovers!

1. “She pooped, went back to smell it, then was frozen with this look on her face for 30 seconds”

How can I smell that bad?

2. “Miss Kevan guarding my wife’s lap, or preventing her from paying attention to the other cats”

She is doing a brilliant job.

3. Ah, that derpy face makes us fall in love with her.

4. “He has his own bed but he finds this position comfy”

No, I like this bed more.

5. “If I sits very still the hooman can’t sees me…”

Pretty sure, the human can’t see me. What a good thing to hide behind!

6. Little monster in the house:

7. “Censored”

This one is too funny. Look at how protective he is of his girl. He would not let you keep an eye on his girl so, don’t you dare to take her pictures. Well, we were not expecting this from a catto, but it is what it is. Our furry felines are constant entertainment. From asking for attention to napping in the weirdest position, our cattos are a source of happiness for us. Scroll down for more hilarious cat snaps.

8. I am so purrfect and I know it!

Meet Tori, the photogenic cat!

9. “She will lay in a different idiotic spot every day”

New day, new spot.

10. He likes to sit like this and he looks lovely.

Did we mention he is sitting on his human’s laptop?

11. When you are deeply in love with your human so, you keep staring at them like this:

12. When it is Monday and you have to wake up for work but you refuse to:

13. Stevie, an absolute weirdo!

14. Meet Zoe, a 16 y/o beautiful lady!

Are you a cat owner? Is your cat a ‘weirdo’? Comment down to mention your favorite weirdo from our list.

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