14 Cats Who Are So Desperate For Attention, They Will Do Anything To Get It!

Cats absolutely love to insert themselves into every situation, whether they’re invited or not. Are you typing up a term paper? Well, you can just bet your kitty will get cozy on your keyboard. Are you trying to get some sleep? Well, you can just forget about that there’s a cat on your head.

Here are 14 silly cats sitting wherever (and on whatever) they want:

1. Keyboards just do not work that way.1wsegtweg-min

2. This is better than checkmate.

3. “Why look at cats on the the internet when you can look at me?”


5. “That’s just what you get for hogging the pillow.”


6. “I soooo meant to do this.”


7. “That’s right, just keep on weeding.”


8. “One size fits all, like hell!”


9. “Is it hot in here, or am I going to be dinner?”


10. “I heard your wipers weren’t working too well, so I thought I’d help.”


11. “I ate all your gum. Also your chapstick. Also, you should also probably get this bag cleaned.”


12. “I am the king of this mountain!”


13. “Just file me under ‘A’ for awesome.”


14. “Look! I just caught a mouse!”


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