14 Adorable Cats Doing Things For The First Time

Some fluffy first-timers here.

Everyone has their first time with things, kitties are no different. Everything we do for the first time gets engraved in our memories and we can recall that first time with anything even through the deepest nerves of our brain. There’s always something special about doing something for the first time. Kitties are no different. Them doing anything for the first time is not different from a baby uttering its first words and parents around that baby keeping a track of it through any means necessary. But when kitties do something for the first time, it’s the cutest thing ever. Their reaction to things is nothing short of extreme adorableness.

1. Little kitty has a wire buffer.

Umm, keep this little furball away from munching on wires. We know it’s cute but wires carry electricity and that can shock this adorable little munchkin up and no one would want that.

2. Aint nobody stopping me and my beer.

Little kitty gets a taste of its beer just months after birth. Wait!! Is this the perfect example of bad parenting or what?

3. Little Catto gets trapped finding new climbing spots.

Someone call the rescue services. Little fluffball is in dire need of assistance to get down from these big heights.

4. Oh look! The perfect Christmas present.

Kitten climbs tree as it knows it is the only present this family needs this Christmas.

5. Kitty is not sorry at all.

6. Never knew popcorn can be fluffy and meow back.

7. The face says it all.

8. If it has an opening, they’ll find a way to get in.

9. Oh god help all the boxes to come under this kitty’s control.

10. Cup or new bed, I’ll let this kitten decide.

11. Human shoes later, Cat playing space first.

12. Such a cutie.

13. It’s not a sandal, It’s a toy for this kitten.

14. First meeting, best friends over time.

Once you adopt a cat, It adopts you back and you cannot complain if it attacks you because that’s just how cat things are.

And with that, we conclude this list. Let us know if you’ve ever had a tiny Catto and if you can recall any first moments your kitty experienced in the comment section below.

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