12 Photos Of Weirdo Kitties That Are Too Funny

Cats are the purr-fect companions to have! Whenever you’re feeling anxious, worried, furious, or depressed, simply take a tiny kitten and you’re good to go! Your life takes a positive turn at this point. Their reputation as anti-stress agents stems from the fact that they are always willing to lend a helping hand, transforming your dismal days into pleasurable ones. They know how to put a smile on our faces, and they know how to stand by ourselves when there is no one else there to help us do so. These adorable companions are deserving of our time, affection, and attention.

Cats are, without a doubt, incredibly adorable. They’re also a little pushy and a lot of the time, they’re just ridiculously lazy. However, one of the things that have made cats popular on the internet is their natural quirkiness and weirdness, which is why we’ve compiled this collection of bizarre, insane cat moments that are guaranteed to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

Sometimes, they simply sit in awkward and uncomfortable positions, begin to be lethargic without doing anything, or simply stare at random objects for no apparent reason. These friends live their lives to the fullest, bringing love and joy into our lives (and making our room full of laughter because of these hilarious images on the internet that people shares.)

Anyways, we are sure that these 12 images of crazy cat moments will make your day a little paw-sitive!

1. Twinkle twinkle little black star!

2. Someone is having a rest after creating a mess!!!

3. “Man, there’s something fishy out there!”

4. When you say you are busy this Saturday, and that’s how you spend your whole CATURDAY.

5. This purr is already fed up with his life.

6. Sit like a boss.

The animal kingdom is full of weird creatures – and cats are on the top of the list! There’s no doubt that dogs are known for the best companion for human beings, but cats…they are the craziest and most idiotic creatures one can have. They are not only found in the animal kingdom but the internet is also filled with images where these cats have gone nuts. And these images never fail in making our lives better be it in the form of a cat meme, videos, or images.

To make your weekend a little joyful we have gathered these images. So enjoy!

7. Your purr-cel is here!!!

8. “Hooman, I want my food right now”

9. When you realize it’s Monday and you have to get back to work.

10. But….how do you do that, kitty?

11. “What are you looking at? Em just doing a little morning stretch workout”

12. When someone grabs the snack that you have hidden.

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