11 Cats That Brought Joy To The World With Their Wholesomeness

Cats are all that is pure and precious in this world.

Sure, they can be moody and bossy at times but they have a clean heart. If a cat decides to love someone, it will give them unconditional love and care, which is rare in the case of humans. True love is what our cat has to offer us. Why should dogs get all the fame? Cats can be our best friends too. They are really loyal as well. When a cat chooses someone as its person, it will never let go of them. Cats can be very supportive.

Whenever I am upset, I spend some time with my cat. After a while, everything feels so much better. You will feel relaxed and at peace with your little furry friend cuddling with you and purring. No human can provide that level of comfort to you. This is why cats are the best. If you still believe cats can’t be wholesome, scroll down below to see some posts that will change your mind:

1. Here, let me push your swing for you.

2. He’s waiting for you to get the salsa.

3. Nyan cat in real life.

4. They’re going to be best friends forever.

5. Cat kisses are the best.

6. Patiently waiting for her human.

7. It doesn’t matter if you’re furry or not, your catto will still cuddle with you.

People who claim to hate cats have probably never lived with one. Adopting a cat will improve your life by 100%. You are not just adopting a cuddly baby to play with, you are bringing home an addition to the family. Cats are extremely wholesome, just give them a chance. They aren’t really evil as the stereotypes tell you. Scroll down below if you’re still not convinced:

8. Inter-species love.

9. Colby is your mommy now.

10. This is just adorable.

11. Sharing warmth.

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