10+ Photos Of Cats Proving They Are The Most Adorable Creature On Earth

Cats have our hearts.

Sure, dogs might be man’s best friend. But cats are our soul mates. They have amazing personalities. They are fun and very loving. They are playful and steal our hearts away. Talking about their physical appearance, they are the most cutest thing on Earth! You see funny pictures and videos of cats all day, but how often do you see their cuteness? We are here to fix that.

You’ve come to the right place for your daily dose of cute cats. These cats are sure to make you “aww.” They will curl up with their huge kitty eyes and warm up your heart with just the sight of them. Scroll down below to see the most precious creatures on Earth:

1. In safe arms.

2. Keeping you company.

3. Stretching.

4. Tucking himself in bed.

5. That little tongue!

6. I bet it was purring here.

7. I am a fish.

8. Happy family.

9. Owie.

10. Cosy.

11. I am a ball.

12. Look at that face!

13. So smol.

14. Hugging it out after a fight.

15. Cheeks!

My kitten has odd eyes. One is brown and the other is blue. Now I know every cat owner thinks their pet is the cutest. But trust me when I tell you, my kitten is the cutest creature to exist on Earth. With its odd eyes making it really rare and special, I’m a proud cat mommy too.

16. Sleepover time.

17. Mama and baby.

18. Cats love boxes.

19. Loving the heat from the laptop.

20. Adorable!

21. Won’t let you walk.

22. “Mimicking my cats’ selfie faces”

23. Taking attention from the busy human.

24. Just saying hi.

25. High five!

26. Little ball of fur!

27. Gimo the wide-eyed cat.

28. Tiger striped beauty.

29. I is hungry.

30. You can feel the butt wriggle coming up.

Do you think these were cute enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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