10 Before-And-After Photos Of Kitties Growing Up Into Cats

Time flies quickly when you’re having fun.

We are often so engrossed in our daily routine that we don’t notice how quickly our pets grow up. In fact, if it weren’t for cameras we would never notice the difference at all. It’s quite hard to recall how someone used to look before when they are in front of you the whole time. That’s the same reason why people who see you a after a long time can accurately tell the difference.

While this is for everyone, this is especially true in the case of pets. Pets grow quicker than humans and while we are busy doing our things we almost forget how much they have grown. I mean, can you imagine the same little kitty that could once easily fit inside your palm is now a full sized chonky catto? Crazy how nature does that.

To show you just how much cats can change in a short time, we have curated the following before-and-after cat photos that you will fall in love with!

Smoothie Then vs Now.

Coby the cat Before and Now.

Gimo (personal favourite) Then Vs Now.

“They grow up so fast.”

While these photos seem very cute, they are also a silent reminder for us all that life is short and that we should spend as much time with our loved ones as we possibly can. May they be family, your friends or even your pets. Cherish the present moments before they turn into memories.

Niko Before and Now.

Bum, the worried cat. Before Vs Now.

“My Sweet Boy Chewy. From A Couple Days Old To Almost 15 Years Old! We’ve Both Grown So Much”

“He finally grew into that bow tie.

“Neville growing up.”

Harrison from Harrison and Humphrey.

Do you have a before-and-after photo of your pet? Share it with us in the comments below.

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