10+ Absolutely Purrfect Kittens That Deserve The Title Of “Kitten Of The Year”

Cats are a gift to us all. 

Even if you are a dog lover or a reptile lover, you have to admit, cats are amazing creatures. And I know people are gonna fight me on this but if you didn’t like cats, why are you on an article about adorable kitty’s? Jokes and controversy aside, the Internet has loads of cat pictures floating about. And we are here to add some more.

Why? because why not? After all cats are our overlords and deserve all the attention they get. So scroll on below and take a lot at some of the most amazing images of our furry friends.

#1 Hands in the air like you just don’t care.

#2 It’s just baby fat, it will go away.

I’m not fat, they said…. It’s just fluff, they said.

#3 She looks like she was caught doing something nefarious.

#4 If you look hard enough at an insect, it will die.

#5 When you realize your body is gone.

#6 Who is this? The cat version of L?

#7 Why get out of the fence when you can rest on it?

#8 It’s all adorable and cute until you look at all the fur lying about.

#9 Has the kitty finally charged to a 100% battery?

#10 Just don’t turn on the machine and everything will be fine.

Cats are great and all but I never understood why cats like to get in weird and dangerous places. It’s like they are babies. As we all know you will always find a baby in the oven or the washing machine and the same goes for cats.

#11 Me in pictures vs me at home playing games.

My cat is always poised for a royal photo, but tonight, I finally caught him off guard.

#12 If I saw this while I was getting water in the middle of the night, I would soil my pants.

#13 When you hear the stupid name your parents gave you.

Every time I say my cat’s name, she looks at me like I just told her that her husband died at sea.

#14 She knows what she has done and she is proud of it.

#15 Just chilling in the cold sink.

#16 This little guy needs some serious grooming.

Everyone who sees my cat Worf just falls in love with him.

#17 The first time you step outside while the quarantine is still imposed.

#18 Did this cat just fall in love with a wooden peg?

What do you think of these kitties? Are the purrfect or not? Comment down below and let us know which one of these kitties was your favorite. Don’t forget to share so others can join in on the wholesomeness as well.

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